Slow Sunday

Poor Rafa...what a dreadful way to have to end his tournament. Shame on the Paris crowd for booing him. Well they paid for it in the end - stuck with a Tsonga/Nalbandian final. How tediously boring for them. Real Madrid managed a tie today which is all right. I would have preferred a win but I'm far more concerned with the game on Wednesday against Juventus. Hopefully all the key players will be well rested and the team will play at its very best. They need that victory.

For the most part my cold is over. I do still have that nasty bloodshot eye thing but it is gradually going away and is barely noticeable from most angles. I plan on capitalizing on my illness though by taking tomorrow off so that I will be able to do my work at home. I concentrate better at home and there won't be people calling me and bothering me about transfers.  That way when I get back in on Tuesday all I have to do is October month end so I can have a free day on Wednesday to watch the Real Madrid game. The boss is off this week so that means lots of leaving early days for me. New girl starts next week. Meetings the weekend after that and then is the slowdown until the Christmas holidays. *sigh* I can't wait for those two weeks off.
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Things are just not going too well lately in sports, with most of my teams not winning, etc.
Plus, I am just getting a cold and feel very low.
Holidays sound very good. Mmmm...
Yes, thank you. I was feeling much better today. Even got out to do some Christmas shopping. But unfortunately I watched the Real Madrid game and feel quite sick again. O_O