The aftermath....

Yes, I’m still dwelling on that game. But what a game it was! 3 penalties, 8 yellow cards, 1 red card, 7 goals, and ALL 4 RM GOALS BY THE SAME PLAYER????? OMG, will the drama ever cease at Real Madrid???

 Basically I spent a good portion of the afternoon checking out the various news articles for feedback on the game and the Higuain love-in that ensued. From the RM official site came the following praises which I somehow feel personally obligated to post: 

Heroic Madrid, outstanding Higuaín

At 20 years old, Gonzalo Higuaín is the third youngest player in Real Madrid history to score four goals in one match. Only Lazcano (in 1929) and Olmedo (in 1948) were younger when they accomplished the rare feat.

Gonzalo Higuaín has quickly become Real Madrid's top scorer of the season with 11 goals in 16 matches, nine of which have accounted for 10 points for the Whites in Liga action.

Gonzalo Higuaín's four-goal night against Malaga gave the Argentine 11 goals in 16 official matches on the season, and average of 0.65 goals per match. 

Real Madrid win whenever Higuaín scores in league play. Pipita is averaging one goal per match in their nine matches this season. The Whites are currently fourth in the table with 23 points. Without Higuaín's nine goals however, they would be eighth with 13 points.


Gonzalo Higuaín's four goals on Saturday earned Real Madrid's leading scorer global acclaim.


Marca: "Higuaín, the new idol"
"He will be one of the best in the world"

AS: "Lion-hearted"

El País: "Higuaín was brilliant"

 "He deserves to start always"


Olé: "To Pipeta"

La Nación
: "His bounds have yet to be seen"


France Football:
"A star was born in the Bernabeu"


Record: "His four-of-a-kind saved Madrid"


Corriere dello Sport: "He earned a spot with Argentina"

La Gazzeta dello Sport:  "Madrid should thank Higuaín, who became the man of the hour with his four goals"

*sigh* *gush* *swoon* (again, please remind me why they didn’t start Higuain against Juve???) This so makes me think of the fallout after Wimbledon earlier this year :)

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Wonderful stuff! I just love all the attention he is getting. He fully deserves to start every game!

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