Oh Rafa!

It was so sad to discover that Rafa will not be attending the Davis Cup final versus Argentina:

"Spain team doctor Angel Ruiz-Cotorro said Nadal would need three to six weeks to recover and although the injury is not career threatening, playing against Argentina in the Davis Cup later this month was not worth the risk."

The poor kid. He was having a dream season until now. I can't say as I care too much that he missed Shanghai. It would have been a nice touch to see him do well there. But  knowing he is going to miss the Davis Cup Final is heartbreaking. I know how much he loves playing for Spain in international competition. The victory in Argentina (which would, no doubt, have ensued had he played) would have been the coup de grace on his near-perfect season. This is not exactly the year end I would have like for him but at least he will have plenty of time off for some well deserved R & R. Get well soon baby!!

I see that Fed lost to Gilles Simon in Shanghai. First I snickered a little. The I was mildly pleased, acknowledging Gilles' success. Now I'm flat out worried about Roger. As much as I want to believe his heart is still in the game, It just seems like he doesn't care anymore. *sigh* Maybe he just wants this year to end already. I still have faith he will come back strong in '09.

The Real Madrid/Real Union Irun match starts in a few minutes. I see that the 'B'  squad is starting so I'll keep my tv browser minimized until halftime and/or until the substitutions. Vamos!
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Poor baby I really hope he gets well soon!! Its sad that he'll miss the DC Cup, for sure he was waiting to play those matches, but he cant. Good luck to the Armada without Rafa.
I'm a bit sleepy & they're not showing Copa Del Rey matches here, so I wont be able to see our boys. Hopefully we'll win this time.
Lucky you didn't see it. Although they won and Raul had a hat trick, Real Union scored three goals which was apparently enough to get them through to the next round and boot our boys out of the Copa del Rey :(