Lost...in more ways that one....

Fans of the TV series LOST, take note...the series is scheduled to return on January 21st with a recap show at 8 PM followed by two new one hour episodes. I am praying the show is as good this year as it was last season.
Dreadful news out of the Real Madrid camp today....

"Following an exploratory arthroscopic operation on Wednesday, it was determined that Ruud van Nistelrooy had a partially torn meniscus in his right knee. Real Madrid's medical staff, Dr. Steadman and the player decided to surgically repair the damaged knee, by which he will miss between six and nine months."

:-( As if they haven't got enough injuries to deal with already. They seem to be lacking in every position right now - Iker is not at his best, the defence is particularly weak and the injuries are rampant.  It is going to be rough going over the next couple of months. Still, they are only 2 points out of first right now so hopefully it won't be that bad. At least all the young players will be given a chance to get more experience.

This Masters Cup event is most confusing. I'm still trying to figure out the various scenarios regarding who may be going to the Semis in the Red Group. I'm still hoping Gilles Simon can pull through but at this point I think that might be wishful thinking on my part.

Tonight I'm taking a quick trip to the Eaton Centre H&M in an effort to find something to wear to the Board Christmas dinner this Saturday. I can't believe it's that time of year already. I dread shopping there and hope that I am able to find something quickly.

Latest news in my email box: the National Gallery in Ottawa is presenting a Bernini exhibition running from Nov 28 to Mar 8. Bastards!! They couldn't wait till the summer when I plan on returning to Ottawa. OK, I shouldn't complain. I know the exhibit will consist mainly of chintzy little busts and I've already seen the REAL Berninis in Rome but still, it's the principle of the thing. I would like to put it out there to the Cosmos that if there are any Rapha or Leo exhibits planned in the area, that they aren't scheduled until the spring when I can afford to travel again!

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Our boys are scaring me...whats up with all those injuries?! *heads-desk* We have an important UCL match this week :S we MUST win!! Poor RVN, out till then end of season :'-( I wont see him...

Masters Cup: Simon can qualify to the semis if he won against Stepanek & Murray beat fedex. Thats not impossible.
Gilles Simon made it!! I'm so happy. Now he just has to be Djoker and he is in the final. That would be sweet.

Real Madrid are in dire straits, injury wise. Apparently they have called up every available player (except Codina) on the squad. It should be an interesting game on Saturday - which I won't get to see until Sunday :(
Yay for Simon! I hate to admit but I felt sorry for fedex a bit when he was leaving the court after losing to Murray, he looked 'defeated', but I think its coz he's injured.

Good luck to Simon! I don't want Murray to win this cup.
Well at least Murray didn't win...that is about the only good that came out of that final :(
You were rather lucky to miss the Real Madrid game. :( They will have to do something during the January transfer window. I'm late with this comment but my primary reason for coming back was to use this icon of Gago. If you want to take it, please do so, and credit goes to Izzy505.

I am a big LOST fan and hope they can keep up the show's quality. I am sure they will, unlike HEROES, although I still follow HEROES nonetheless.
Thanks for the icon post. I will definitely keep it and if I use it I will certainly credit Izzy505. She (he?) always makes amazing icons. Did you see the pic below of Gago from this weekend's match? He is just so flexible. What's funny though is Marcello's reaction in the background. *LOL*


I like Lost and Heroes but the writing on Lost is far superior. I still am enjoying Heroes this year even though it seems like they aren't following any real plot line. Sylar can do no wrong.
You're welcome! No I didn't see that pic of Gago! It's wonderful! Thank you so much for posting that link! Do you mind if I use it in my next picspam post? Gago's flexibility is amazing and it looks as if Marcelo agrees.

Yes, since there is no more Isaac Mendez, Sylar is the main reason I keep watching. I also rather liked the Latino brother & sister from last season. They had a good storyline going there, IMO. Why, oh why, do these characters I like always get killed off????? *headdesk*
Go ahead and post the pic. I'm all for spreading the Gago love!

I hate it when they get rid of the good characters on shows. Same thing happened on LOST. I loved the storyline with Claire and Charlie and they ruined it by killing off Charlie. Why did they even bother killing off Isaac on Heroes? It was a complete waste of his character. They should have just kept him around instead of bothering to come up with this new guy in Africa who basically has the same powers.
Thank you! I'm all for that too!

Yes! Charlie on LOST filled a certain gap - the fallen angel - which is now as wide as a canyon. And you are so right about Isaac on HEROES. I had read awhile ago that he would be coming back but nothing has happened. I was so sure that Hiro would change something in the past that would alter the events surrounding Isaac's death. I mean, they haven't done anything meaningful with Hiro's ability to bend time and space, which is disappointing. Perhaps Santiago Cabrera was too busy with other roles and couldn't manage to come back onto the show, hence they came up with the African artist idea.