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A Hunger Like No Other (Kresley Cole)

I'm already sick of all the Twilight promos...geez, just release the movie already. That said, I'm off to Indigo to purchase a book about a Scottish warrior/werewolf who crosses paths with his predestined mate, the half vampire/half valkyrie daughter of Helen of Troy. OK so that does sound like the author went a little overboard there pulling elements from diverse genres, historical periods and geographical locations but I need something light to read right now to tide me over until next week when the The Venetian Betrayal is released in paperback. In other words, the 900+ pages of The Count of Monte Cristo can wait till December. I am so behind in my 2008 reading list. December should be a nice, slow month - tennis-lite and two weeks of vacation for the Holidays. I plan on getting plenty of quality time to curl up with a good book so I think I should be able to finish off the year on target. I guess that means a new reading list is in order for 2009. I'm pretty sure I've hit 40 books this year so maybe I should raise my expectations up to 50. Along with the usual mix of classics, next year there will be more sci-fi/fantasy...perhaps the George R.R. Martin novels this winter, a reread of the Marion Zimmer Bradley Avalon books in the summer and follow that up with the Jack Whyte Camelot series. *squee*
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That book sounds fascinating. But I am so far behind in my reading it's ridiculous. And hubby and I went to Chapters not long ago where I bought several books I did NOT need, but they were on SALE!!! *facepalm*
They are: 'Don Quixote's Delusions - Travels in Castilian Spain', Ray Bradbury's 'Farewell Summer', 'The Burma Effect', and 'AWOL - Tales for Travel-Inspired Minds'.

Not only that, but I've ordered several movies from Amazon, plus the second season of 'The Tudors' which I want to begin watching tonight, and the first two seasons of 'Queer As Folk'.
I want season two of the Tudors as well but I am holding off until I get a Blu-Ray player. I think CBC is about 2/3 of the way through airing season two now and it has been better than last season.

BTW, the book is very cheesy so far. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with half a brain.
Oh gosh, my husband and I went to Best buy on Saturday and went crazy over all the new electronic toys! I SO want a Blu-Ray DVD player! And a PVR digital box from Rogers!
We bought a webcam, a digital photo frame and a small, hand-held DVD player and monitor, among other things! We decided to wait on the Blu-Ray for now, and see if the price comes down in the summer!

Okay, I'll forget about that book. LOL.