Juliet - I need a stiff drink

The agony and the...well, just more agony...

and now...Higuain.....:(
Why??? What has Real Madrid done to deserve the wrath of the soccer gods? 
(or perhaps Barca has enlisted the aid of a voodoo priest to guide them through the season???)

P.S. - I really should have had that rum and coke.
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I know, it's horrible! I just hope it isn't anything as serious as Ray Hudson thought it might be! :(
The news out of the RM camp is that it is a 'sprained ankle' and that he will be "undergoing more tests to determine the severity of the injury". Sneijder was injured as well - strained right tricep. After Ray's initial prognosis I was completely distraught. I REALLY hope it is JUST a sprained ankle. Needless to say, I'll be checking for updates over the next few days. Let's pray it is all good news for a change.
I don't know...I saw the pain on Higuain's face...there's no way that it's just a 'sprain'. And btw what kind of EMTs were those? O_O OMGS they almost dropped him trying to get him on the stretcher!!!
Those EMTs gave me flashbacks of that time they were attempting to carry Mike Modano off the ice and they dropped him...not once but twice!! One day later and RM is still sticking with just a 'sprained ankle'. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Re: Higuain's injured ankle. When I saw the replays of the incident, I thought it looked as if he had turned over on his ankle. I did that myself about a year ago. I actually stepped on a golf ball and turned very severely over on my ankle. It was only sprained, but it affected me for a couple of months afterwards. I hope Gonzalo's heals more quickly than mine did. I didn't miss any work because of it, but then I am not running around like a footballer!