I saw a reference to this ad on ontd_football  and had to find it on youtube....oh the dorkiness....

The scarf????!!!!!....alas, one must never question The Ramos....
Iker...does the man ever make a mistake??? Mr. Flawless (*sigh*, he is turning into the Rogelio of futbol)
Miguel Torres may actually be TOO handsome
Gago....oh noes!!! Alas, this is Gago-lite...wahhhhhh....
That vid is hilarious! I just love it. I am stunned by how many gorgeous men play for this one team! Really, it must have been calculated in order to make people keep watching them! I always seem to forget how pretty Guti is as well!
*sigh* No Gago. Never mind. Please check out this link for an absolutely lovely video of a photoshoot that our boy Fernando did during the Olympics. Seriously, you can see during games how pretty he is, but I was stunned by how handsome and macho he appears in this vid! It is a MUST SEE and a KEEPER for any Gago fan!



Thank you so much for the link. What an amazing video. He really should model...he has the look.
The scarf????!!!!!....alas, one must never question The Ramos..

That's Sergio for you!