Clasico, charity match, and winter woes...

I must start this post by saying how much I love my new office. It is a complete haven. It's so clean and there is so much room. Everything is so calm. It is such a positive atmosphere...much better than the old building. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that I have no pictures and no plants as yet. They will be coming in the new year.

The Clasico was held this weekend. I expected a tie. Honestly. Even though Barca is arguably a better team right now, I fully expected Real Madrid to play the best possible game that they could play and wind up with the tie. Unfortunately it did not end so sweetly. Real Madrid play magnificently for 80 minutes and then disaster struck. Albeit they were playing defensively, they did not provide themselves with any scoring chances (save for that botched effort by Drenthe). I feel terrible for Iker who finally had a performance that truly reflected his calibre as one of the best goalkeepers in the world. He hasn't played quite up to his standards this season but in this game everyone was reminded of how great he truly is. It's a shame because Real deserved a better ending than the one that befell them. I'm certain there will be payback in the spring when Barca comes to play in the Bernebeu and the squad is, hopefully, fit to take them on. I hear that Ruud may be back ahead of schedule *crosses fingers* and that that the team has now signed another midfielder named Diarra...Ray Hudson is going to have fun with that I'm certain.

Yesterday the Iker vs Rafa charity event was held. I'm hoping this has become an annual event because I'd love to see it one day in person. It was a little cheesy but still I have never seen quite an assembly of so many sports stars that I so admire. Too bad the Ramos had the flu or I believe he was scheduled to be there as well. I'd love to see him and Feli play doubles. I take such immense pleasure in watching the Real Madrid boys play tennis (Iker couldn't serve if his life depended on it!) and watching the tenistas try their hand at futbol. Rafa is such a show off. Clearly he could have been quite successful as a futbol player. Feli too, I think, if it weren't for all the heavy duty training. Raul did a pretty decent job in goal and Iker wasn't that bad as a forward. At least Real know they have options in case of injuries. It was so nice to see Rafa again...I miss him (and tennis) so much. Can't wait till the new year!!

Hopefully niviene  is feeling better by  this weekend. I've been taking precautions in an effort to avoid catching the flu from her but I think I still have to get through this weekend to be safe. I really don't want either of us to be sick during the holidays. Last year sucked. Next year, ideally, I'll be somewhere warm avoiding all this snow. I'm all for a green Christmas.
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Glad ur liking ur new office :)

I agree on everything u said on el clasico. Rite now ppl are teasing me, they're like "oh losers" "oh we here ur team is bad" bla bla...I try to tell them that we seriously didnt play bad. I was happy with the performance, its just the last 10 minutes that were annoying, they made ppl forget everything. Hopefully barfa will lose soon...uff I hate them.

Aww the Iker vs Rafa was lovely. Luved the vids & pics. Seems they had lots of fun. Wish I was there <3

Hope ur feel gets better soon & hopefully u wont get the flu ;)

Take care!
Too bad the Ramos had the flu or I believe he was scheduled to be there as well.

At least I'm feeling a bit better...but just for the record I did not give Sergio the flu and vice versa although...

I'd love to see him and Feli play doubles.

Oh ya me too!