First of three catch up posts for the New Year

And I'm back...
How is everyone?
*hugs flist*

New Years Resolutions – bah! Only one - to catch up with all my flist posts and replies! Hang in there guys, I haven't forgotten you. Thank you for being so patient!

It is so good to be back on LJ. And it is soooooooo good to have Rafa back on court again and playing flawless tennis. You have no idea how much I missed him. Two very decisive victories in Doha. And then along came Mr. Monfils. Oh well, not to worry…he up and won the doubles competition instead. Nice way to start off the new year. BTW, not sure if I like the fact that Andy Murray defeated Roger Federer. I somehow feel tennis just won’t be the same without Roger. I hope he does well this year. I don’t want to see him go just yet.

I do like the new look Rafa wardrobe although I’m guessing I’m the only one who does. Granted I'll miss those sleeveless shirts and 3/4s but he looks adorkable it really doesn't matter what he wears. The announcers were calling it a 'slightly more mature' look. I think it actually makes him look younger (and chunkier...which, for me, is a good thing!). I'll leave it up to you to be the judge.This calls for a mini-picspam....


Aww, well at least the short shorts do seem to have their benefits... maybe next time they won't be so, errr, see-thru. Ummm, did I just say that???

And in true Rafa fashion, never a dull moment on court with the world's #1…

First, he eats Twix bars on the sidelines...

Then he attracts a stray cat...


(thanks as always to www.vamosbrigade.com for the pics)


Gosh, I can’t wait till the Aussie Open. He always gives us the quote of the year at that tournament. What could possibly top those past gems including the infamous ‘pain in my famous ass’ quote and the ‘my body is perfect…physically speaking’. Oh Rafa, how I love you…

Now that Rafa is back, perhaps maybe on Sunday I’ll finally get to see Gonzalo Higuain this new year. After being ordered to undergo ‘complete rest’ for 7-10 days due to tonsillitis (ok I know I shouldn’t laugh but really, TONSILLITIS, *giggle*) hopefully he will be back with the team as they take on Mallorca. Speaking of RM, did you see the snowfall in Madrid? I could hardly believe it. I thought I was looking at pics from northern Ontario, not Spain. RM cancelled their practice session as a result. They also closed down the Madrid airport.  I’m curious if/how they will make it to Mallorca this weekend. Another mini-picspam is in order…

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I miss Rafa I haven't seen one match yet. Did I mention how much I hate Rogers for not offering TSN2?

I do like the new look Rafa wardrobe although I’m guessing I’m the only one who does.

I actually don't like it but I can live with the shirts but the short shorts are HIDEOUS on him. I'd rather he at least go back to the capri pants.

In all honestly he looks so child like and meek in the new outfit. I'm not sure what kind of drugs whomever said he looks more "mature" in it was on but ummm no. At least when he was sleeveless he was intimidating to the opposition as they would focus on his arms and forget how to play...now not so much IMHO. What will they focus on now? His see-thru pants? His famous you know what? *shakes head* I think I'll start a campaign to bring back the old style of two or three years ago - that was my fav.

First, he eats Twix bars on the sidelines...

You'd think he would eat something a little more nutritious on court...oh say maybe some raw vegetables (which you NEVER see him eat) or fruit or at least if he wants chocolate get a power bar of some sort.

Speaking of RM, did you see the snowfall in Madrid?

I love the stadium covered in snow but I feel for them...poor Spaniards have no idea how to deal with that amount of snow...heck even in TO we sometimes have problems and we used to it lol!

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Rafa's new look - colourwise - makes me think of a clownfish. He is not one bit intimidating in that outfit. It looks all right but he just looks like everyone else now.

I'm just guessing that was a Twix bar. Who knows maybe it is some kind of power bar...chocolate covered kind. Then again, Rafa does play better when he has chocolate milk in the morning.

It was 2 degrees in Madrid today with light snow. *snicker* And they have a home game this week. BTW, it is a home game this weekend. Good luck with that boys.
Wonderful to 'see' you on LJ again!
Love the great pics of Rafa in Doha.
(I know I'm way behind at this point!)
The Madrid snow is beautiful, but...it looks so wrong somehow!

My daughter tells me that in Vancouver where they've been trying to deal with uncharacteristic snow this winter, there are huge drifts thanks to inadequate snow removal, as well as copious flooding. It makes me feel lucky to be here in the Toronto area!
I love the pics of the snow in Madrid but it really must be dreadful for them. I doubt they have any idea how to deal with snow - certainly no budget for snow plows or salt crews. I think they should pay for some Torontonians to come over and show them how it is done.
It is nice to know that there is at least one thing that Torontonians are good at. (Written tongue-in-cheek. I know there are tons of things Torontonians are good at!)
Good to have you back posting! :D Its great that the new tennis season has started, and it started as you know with me seeing Rafa! <3 I have to admit, the outfit is nice on Rafa, everything looks good on him, but I prefer sleeveless, love to see his biceps.

Ahhh snow in Madrid, on RM.com they wrote sth like "Bernabeu white as ever" :P I wana see real snow, never saw before.
A fresh snowfall is just beautiful - everything is covered in white. Alas, that idyllic scene doesn't last - between cars and pollution in the city, the snow doesn't stay white very long unless you are in the remote areas. Plus the snow is usually accompanied by frigid temperatures, biting winds and slippery sheets of ice that make it difficult to walk anywhere or do anything outdoors. It sure is pretty for a while but the novelty wears off rather quickly.