Third of three catch up posts for the New Year...

Other little things worth noting of late…

  • watched Lost in Austen over the holidays. Brilliant. It should have been a full fledged tv series rather than a 4-part mini-series.
  • PBS is now airing Tess of the D’Urbervilles. Part one was on last Sunday and this Sunday is the conclusion. Hans Matheson has a leading role. I still maintain that if I ever have a son he will look like Hans. Did I mention Hans has portrayed Nero? Coincidence, I think not! *eyedart*
  • Golden Globes are on Sunday night. Nothing I love to do more than watch a bunch of drunken celebrities make fools of themselves accepting awards that have, more-or-less, been purchased for them by the studio execs. Prediction: Anne Hathaway or Penelope Cruz will be the best dressed
  • A new intern started at my work this week. He looks like a cross between Iker Casillas and Cesc Fabregas…ONLY BETTER. In fact he is distractingly good looking.  And he likes JUVENTUS!!! *fangirl squee* Wears too much cologne though. PHFFFT.
  • Have started reading The Count of Monte Cristo. If it weren’t for those darned BBT dvds, I may actually have gotten past Chapter 8 by now. *hangs head* I hope to at least make it to Chapter 25 by the end of the weekend. I plan to follow up this 1000+ pager with a lighter novel….Dr. Zhivago  (yes, I am a masochist).
    That reminds me, I need to do a year end booklist post.
  • F-Lo has gone AWOL. WTF? He is a top 50 ATP player. There are 3 tourneys on this week and he doesn’t attend one??? Where is he??? What is he doing??? Aside of course from being his hot self and posing for magazines like this one….
  • My pet project for 2009: Higuain vs Amauri – the goals competition. Screw the rest of the league. All I care about is who will get more goals this year - Higuain or Amauri? And believe me, I’ll be watching every single one of those goals. No comment on what the winner receives *ponders this*
  • I was on OTDFootball and came across a thread regarding Robinho visiting to the British Museum. Who really cares? I don’t exactly love Robinho nor do I care what he does in his spare time. What is interesting though is that the thread later went on to include the following comment: “And I bet Gago totally did convert him to a "literature and art enthusiast". OMFG…are you kidding me? I need to know more. Is this a true statement or just a cruel and villainous joke put there purely to mock me? If Fernando Gago is any way shape or form into museums, art and literature I may pass out of sheer ecstasy. Of course, that said, I’d also be forced to come to the inevitable conclusion that he was gay. *sigh* I just can’t win here can I?
  • Finally, if you have read through this entire post and the two previous ones I applaud you. I admire your power of sheer perseverance, dedication and will power and thank you as always for taking time from your day to find pleasure in my ramblings. I hope my future posts won't be quite so lengthy.

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watched Lost in Austen over the holidays. Brilliant.

Awesome! I wish it was a series...and this from me who does not understand the whole Mr Darcy fangirldom that exists.

Aside of course from being his hot self and posing for magazines like this one

OMGS *dies* Can I keep Mr Lopez please?

Of course, that said, I’d also be forced to come to the inevitable conclusion that he was gay.

I hate to say it but that was my first thought! See Gago really is a 'girly-girl'.'s a Saturnalia miracle! :D

I hope my future posts won't be quite so lengthy.

Ya me too! Kidding just kidding I love your posts.

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I always thought Knightly was far more appealing than Mr. Darcy.

The Lopez is all yours. I just want to go shopping with him and watch him straighten his hair every now and then. :D
Hmmm...I must check out the shows you mentioned above. Lose in Austen sounds particularly interesting.
Have you seen Our Mutual Friend the miniseries, from a few years back? I am currently watching this. It is quite excellent. Much better than I had hoped. I love this sort of perfect for winter. Makes me realize that while I greatly enjoyed other authors such as Victor Hugo, Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen, there is nobody (for me) quite as rich and absorbing as Dickens.

Speaking of which, I have read something about Gago being a literature and art enthusiast. People I love never cease to surprise me. (In a good way, usually. XDDD)
I haven't seen the Our Mutual Friend miniseries. I'll keep an eye out for it. I think PBS is showing a new version of Wuthering Heights this weekend though which I will be watching. And the new version of Brideshead Revisited comes out on DVD this week so I'll probably be renting it. I honestly haven't read any Dickens novels (well except A Christmas Carol) but I do have a couple on my reading list for 2009.

Wow, Gago is artsy after all. I never would have guessed it. Well that gives him brownie points in my books. :-)
Good heavens. After watching Our Mutual Friend, which was incredibly good, I want more of the same! I love both Wuthering Heights and Brideshead Revisited, so I must catch the new versions if I can.

Dickens has always been a favourite of mine. A Tale of Two Cities was a beloved book as a child, of me and my sister. It was one of the few stories that could make us cry.

I am pretty sure that part of the reason for Gago's desire to remain as private as possible is that he is actually quite an intellectual. He has full brownie points in my book! LOL.
A Tale of Two Cities is on my reading list for December 2009 so that gives me something to look forward to.

Luv the Gago icon!