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IPod woes....

I feel like a moron. I can't for the life of me figure out how to make a playlist on iPod. How pathetic is that? I have tons of playlists on iTunes - I just want to import my 30 minute workout playlist to the iPod. When I try to copy over the playlist it just imports the individual songs, not the playlist!! there something I am missing here? Please help me oh great gods of technology and all you tweens who probably have figured this out and are rolling your eyes as you mock my incompetence!!!
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With all my technological knowledge I do not own an ipod but if you show me what you normally do I might be able to figure it out for you...
Sadly, my iPod is synced with my work computer - if I re-sync it wipes everything out. It's not a big deal anyhow as I believe I've solved my problem. I'm sticking numbers in front of the songs I want to hear, in the order I want to hear them. It should work.
I have an ipod, but I dont download the music. I give it to my friend & she does the work lol :P its coz itunes wasnt working for me, didnt know what to do
That's so funny. Everyone here at my work is the same. They had someone else set up their iPod for them. Oh well. I think I've solved the problem anyway. Thanks :)