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Aussies & Oscars...

YAY! I was finally able to see a Rafa match live.  After the Lost premiere (does Lost ever make sense? I keep watching and waiting for some answers and all I get are more questions...now I know why the show is called LOST! Good to see Des & Penny and Daniel again though.), TSN started their live broadcast halfway into Rafa's match. Although the second set was fairly competitive, by the time the third and final set was complete Rafa had successfully dominated his opponent. Poor guy could only win points during those rare occasions when he made near perfect and awe inspiring returns. Try doing that for several hours against Rafa Nadal and maybe you can actually win a match. Good luck with that. OMG, can Brad Gilbert love Rafa any more than he already does? Just sleep with him already. As for Rafa's wardrobe selection...did he make that choice in the dark? That was hideous. No, that was worse than hideous - that was a nightmare. He looked like some nobody tennis player playing at a local club rather than the #1 player on the ATP tour. Nothing matched. There were glittery dots on his shorts for what reason? His hair was pathetic. And this is somehow supposed to look more 'classic' and 'conventional'. Can you ever imagine Roger Federer wearing something that horrid? Maybe Pete Sampras *gags* but  really, this look just does not suit Rafa at all. Nor could it possibly help him in intimidating his opponents. Please let this just be some bad dream and tell me he will be back to his normal wardrobe before the start of clay court season. 

Oscar noms...awww, poor Leo. What does he have to do to catch a break? I could say the same for Brad. At least Brad was nominated but, like always, he won't win. I really hope I'm wrong about that but somehow I doubt it. I honestly believe both Brad and Leo suffer from being too handsome to be taken seriously. They are such great actors, it's a shame they don't get more credit for what they do on screen rather than off. My early Oscar pics/comments:
  • Best Actor: as much as I do wish it was Brad, I'm leaning towards either Mickey Rourke riding on coattails of his big, feelgood, comeback role or Frank Langella who, shockingly, has yet to be honoured by Oscar
  • Best Actress: it's hands down Kate
  • Best Supporting Actor: duh...Heath. Imagine the poor guy who wins if it is NOT Heath. That would be the most painful acceptance speech ever
  • Best Supporting Actress: I hope it's Penelope but Oscars never reward comedies (err, dramedies) so anyone in this category has a valid shot
  • Best Director: Since Ron Howard has already won an Oscor and Gus Van Sant is so out there as a director  I'm leaning towards the director of The Reader who is due for an award. Otherwise I'd go with the guy who directed Slumdog Millionaire.
  • Best Motion Picture: It would be soooo easy to pick Slumdog Millionaire but Oscar like drama so maybe something unexpected like The Reader. It did receive a lot of nominations. Can I be so bold as to go out on a limb and suggest that whoever wins Best Director will be the director of the film that wins Best Picture?
Just curious - as I went through the noms for Best Adapted Screenplay, although I certainly have no objection to the screenwriters being nominated, why is there no mention of F.Scott Fitzgerald with the nomination of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I really think the authors should get acknowledged in some way.
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I really think the authors should get acknowledged in some way.

I totally agree 100%!! Writers always get the short end of the stick when it comes to movies and tv.

As for Rafa's wardrobe selection...did he make that choice in the dark?

Still don't like it...the shirt is ok but nope still not liking the entire ensemble...and why doesn't he match his headband and wristbands with his clothes anymore? I miss the old Rafa who was exciting and innovative...now he's Rafael Nadal #1 not Rafa, Rafalito, the Kid etc just another tenista conforming to what the "tennis powers and advertisers" tell him he should look like as the #1 seed....understated and conservative :( What's next ...some advertising on his the back of his shorts so every time he pulls at them everyone knows who the sponsor is...*rolls eyes*

waiting for some answers and all I get are more questions...now I know why the show is called LOST!

And the two producers? writers? that were on the recap show said there would be more answeres and less questions as the show winds down to its ending. ok sure if you say so...not buying it in the least.

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Advertising on his ass...good Lord I could probably name a dozen sponsors without even thinking (I'm guessing Uncle T would veto the gay porn website though...)