Aussie 4R, Gago is golden, SAGs, and Lycans...

*sigh* Weekends are always over too quickly.

Happy belated Robbie Burns day and Happy Chinese New Year. Sadly, haggis and wontons do not mix so I'll pass on the celebrations. Moving on Down Under. Rafa is on to the quarter finals to face, arguably, my current favourite pet ATP player, Gilles Simon. He is so darned cute. I'll have to tape this match - it is too pretty to pass up. I only wish it was the Semi Final Although I've only seen two of Rafa's matches and some highlights, it looks like he is playing his best hardcourt tennis ever and that bodes well for the new season. I am thoroughly shocked, but not at all depressed, that Andy Murray lost to Fernando Verdasco. My only concern is will Nando have anything left for his doubles match? What I wouldn't give to see him and Feli win doubles - it would be such a boost for both of them. The other side of the draw is playing out pretty much as expected. Djokovic/Roddick - Federer/Del Potro. MEH. As for the women, I'm still aiming for a Bartoli/Safina Semi with the winner of that match going on to win the women's side. *crosses fingers*

Let's not get into the Real Madrid match. They won. That is really all that needs to be said. I will however make one observation. I have to argue that the best, most consistent, and most valuable player on the team right now has to be Fernando Gago.  Gago is the only one that I can think of that has been completely there for the team doing his job all season long.  The rest, well they have either been inconsistent or injured. I'll have to wait until the end of the season before I officially cast my vote for MVP but if I had to make it now, Gago is my hands down winner. 

SAG Awards (poor Screen Actors Guild, you really need to come up with a better acronym) - these awards to me are like the second part of a trilogy - no one really cares, just bring on the final installment, the Oscars. I can't even remember who won the awards last night. Oh wait, I turned it off to watch The Last Templar. Templars trump celebrity any day. I will say though, Emily Blunt looked lovely and Diego Luna is worth some quality Googling time today . Is it just me or does Angelina Jolie seem unwell? I think she needs a long break to relax and, hopefully, force Brad to shave.

I did manage to see Underworld III: Rise of the Lycans and, for a change, in a real theatre..with big screens and cinema seating. I can't remember the last time I saw a movie other than in the 150-200 seater Rainbow Cinema. I forgot how luxurious the Scotiabank theatres are in comparison. Makes me want to go back again. Anyhow, this movie would have had to have been pure crap for me to not like it. Bill Nighy and Michael Sheen just have way too much fun in their roles. Lucien was by far my favourite character in the original Underworld and I'm thankful that the producers chose to flesh out the backstory of the Sonja and Lucien's relationship as well as the Lycan revolt. Yes it could have been better - there could have been a lot more added to the plot - but it was still enjoyable. I doubt they will pursue it but the writers did leave it open for another sequel to cover off the period that would have seen the rise of Kraven and the ongoing battles between the Vampires and the newly emancipated Lycans.  For the record, if it wasn't already obvious, I'm 100% Team Lycan.
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I've only seen two of Rafa's matches and some highlights,

That's two more than me! Stupid TSN 2. I would like to see at least one Australian Open match of his pls.

Gago is the only one that I can think of that has been completely there for the team doing his job all season long

I have to say I agree...no srsly I do agree here. The rest have been inconsistent beyond belief but not him. And no he didn't pay me to say that. You know I find him adorkable otherwise how can I pick on him so affectionately!

Bill Nighy and Michael Sheen just have way too much fun in their roles.

How could you not? It's vampires and werewolves in cool clothes and great hair!!!

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5:30 AM tomorrow morning - Simon vs Rafa. I'm making tea. I'll wake you up, yes? (or perhaps I can coerce el gato to request his morning meal at the usual time???)
Do you hate me? I am so not a morning person but fine I figure there's no way I'll be getting any sleep between the both of you lol :)
El Gato rules the house. You know this. I'll try to contain him as best as I can but I can't make any promises.