Twilight Zone

Call a medic...yes, this is a pro-Nole post...*is scared*....

Awww, is it wrong that I actually feel sorry for Nole. He honestly deserved a better fate. He seems to have gotten the short end of the media shuffle -  with all the praise for the brilliant play of Nadal on hard court....can he finally win a hard court Slam? And Roger's amazing come back against Berdych - has he returned to form and can he regain the number one position? Don't forget all the talk of Andy Murray coming into the event so strong - would this be his first Slam victory?  But poor one cared. And he was the defending champion. I hope they don't slander him for retiring. I give him, and all the players for that matter, credit  for being able to play as well as they can under such conditions. It's a lot harder than it looks.  And now we are stuck with a Federer/Roddick semi. Would it be too much to ask for a Saturnalia miracle here?? 5:30 AM tomorrow morning - Gilles Simon, Rafa Nadal,'s a date. I see that the doubles wonder team didn't quite make it to the Semis (in other words, Feli is probably basking on the Gold Coast beaches right now) so I wholeheartedly offer my support to Fernando Verdasco in the trashing of Mr. Tsonga. Have fun with him...and while you are at it, make it last at least four sets.

Rainbow Cinemas just published their upcoming schedule for next week. I see every Best Picture nominee will be showing. I think it may be high time for a movie marathon...
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Yes, the Gold Coast beaches would be perfect - with or without Feli (preferably WITH). Heck I'd settle just to be at the Open, never mind the Gold Coast. Right now 134 degree hot and sunny weather, as nasty as that sounds, sure seems a lot better than this idiotic stuff we are suffering through.
Stooop!!! I made the mistake of looking at a Sandals resort flyer that came in the Globe & Mail today! White sands, turquoise waters, azure skies oh why am I not there?!?!
You are not there because:
(a) you did not win the lottery
(b) you do not have a passport

Now go tough it out and get through that dreaded snowstorm. Gods willing we can watch the rebroadcast of the Rafa-Simon match and enjoy the hot weather that radiates across the screen from Melbourne. Failing that we will have at least one hour to watch the beautiful tropical beaches of Hawaii when LOST is on. *wistful sigh*

And, of course, bring home that insert!!!
I suppose I'll have to do with small consolations for now....*prays to win lottery soon*