Aussie QFs & the snowstorm...

I'm seriously fangirl crushing over Gilles Simon. He is just adorable. Adorable like Rafa. All serious on court but the minute he breaks out into that smile he is like a little boy at Christmastime. I only wish that match today could have been the Semi Final or the Final. Gilles played so well - I think he offered Rafa his best challenge so far in the tourney and yet, even with all that ability, Gilles still couldn't take a set off Rafa. Brilliant, brilliant match all round. Rafa's opponent in the Semis will be....Fernando Verdasco NOT Tsonga!!! That's a shocker. I know that history is on Rafa's side but I always worry when he plays fellow Spaniards. You never know. Ideally the final will be Rafa vs Roddick, only cause I'm a little tired of the hype over Rafa-Roger finals. I'm not holding my breath though. Just curious, what was up with the court closure mid match? I certainly understand why it was done but if they knew the temperatures were going to skyrocket why did they not just start the day with the roof closed? 

Moving from the 134 degrees on court at Melbourne to my current weather issue....today the snow was just plain annoying. I had to go to work via an alternate route specifically to pick up something for someone who wound up not being able to get into work today due to the snow. How painfully ironic. Instead of my usual 45 min commute it took me over one and a half hours to get in and specifically one hour and 10 minutes on the portion of the route that usually should take no more than 25 minutes. *shakes fist* Oh well, at least I get to leave early. In fact, I'm packing up now.
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This really is a fascinating tennis tournament, although I have not been watching it! (Because of too much football (soccer)!) I can't help feeling so happy that Fernando Verdasco has made it this far! I really must try to watch the rest of it if I can.
The snow is awful. I'm glad it's my day off...how lucky can I get? But I'm worried. Last Wednesday my son was involved in a car accident. His car was totalled when a woman ran a red light and smashed into him. Luckily he was only banged up, but no bones were broken! However, today he and my husband have gone to pick up his new car. It's out in the west end of Toronto, off the QEW. And we live in Whitby. I'm worried because of the drive back they will have! *bites nails*
I'm sorry to hear about your son but since he was okay that is really all that matters. I wouldn't worry too much about the drive back today - it should just be super slow. I find that it's later when the roads are a less congested that all the weirdness happens and people start driving like maniacs. I can see the DVP from where I work and it has been gridlock all day. I imagine all the highways are like that by now. They should be fine - late, very very late - but otherwise, no worries :)
Everything worked out well! The trip took them 5 hours but they made it home in one piece! Thank you!
Good to hear. Wow - 5 hours!! We have had way too much snow this season. Poor Wiarton Willie will be under a lot of pressure on Monday to give us some hope that it will be over soon!
Alas the Roddick/Nadal final was not meant to be. After the Verdasco match I'm just thankful Rafa is even in the final!
Candace upon arriving at 8:20am and realizing I'm already in my office..."OMG what got you up so early?"

Me: "Rafa Nadal's 5am match this morning."

Candace: "I should have known."

Me: "Yes for him I'll get up early...ok within reason."

Am sooo happy for Rafa, but I dont think Nando will be easy, the guy's on fire, he beat Murray & Tsonga! All the best of luck to Rafa. Gilles' eyes are so innocent, doesnt suit him when he gets a bit angry :P he's cute.

I know u may suffer from snow, u consider it annoying at times, but I wish I can exchange positions with u for a lil while just to see snow as it NEVER snows here :S
It is nice to experience the change of seasons and the city does look quite beautiful after a big snowfall. It just becomes a bit depressing after a few months of snow and cold temperatures. But It does makes you appreciate the summer more :)