Juliet - I need a stiff drink

5h 14m of sheer torture...and then Feli cuts his hair *headdesk*...

Gosh darned Rafa...why do you have to torment me like this. Can't you just let me get through one entire tournament without any stress of any kind? In all truth, I knew you would win today, I just had that feeling,  but REALLY...5 hours and 14 minutes of sheer, nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat dramatics. Kudos to Verdasco he played arguably the best match I've ever seen him play. Imagine telling the poor guy he'd get 95 winners but he still wouldn't be able to win the match. I also felt bad that he lost the match on a double fault. That is not the way you want a match like that to end. What a classic. And now, unfortunately, yet another Nadal - Federer final awaits. I was really pulling for Andy for a change but it was not meant to be. Wait, why am I complaining? Rafa/Rogelio matches are always great except maybe for last year's French Open Final. Sorry about that one Rog! I suppose this will mean I have to get my ass out of bed at 3:30 AM on Sunday morning. Only for you Rafa, only for you....Vamos :)

*peruses pics from Aussie Open* Oh frack! Feli cut his hair....why? why? ... First Rafa, then Sergio, and Gago, and Messi...and now Feli. NOOOOOOO. *is dead*

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God. My husband was watching the match when I got home from work. When he described it to me up to that point and urged me to watch I said, "No, I can't. It would be too much for my heart." So I listened from the kitchen while tidying up. We had had to call the police at work in order to get rid of an abusive patient and I came home early. I just could not take anymore trauma. LOL. I am so happy for Rafa. It was a great test for Verdasco, whose day will surely come, but not yet, please.
I couldn't watch the final either! I could kick myself, though, because I had a strong feeling that Rafa would win! But I could not take another US Open! LOL. It would have killed me!
Its the longest match in the history of AO! Hope its another epic match tomorrow, but not long like this, tpp tiring, duno if I'll be able to handle it, well I think I will if Rafa wins :P