Your 2009 Australian Open Champion is...

Made of awesome...

and this photo (and moment) which basically had me (and, probably every fan of tennis) in tears....

Awesome is just about the only way to describe the latest installment of the ATP Big Event: Rafa/Rogermania VII. It was a pity that such a masterpiece had to be downgraded to a mere blip of a news story in North America, overshadowed by the more popular Superbowl Sunday and hampered  further by the half day time difference. What an emotional match it turned out to be - and not just for the players. Poor Mirka, she looked more stressed than Roger. And Sebastien was barely able to watch his son at times. Of course I cried. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house during that trophy ceremony.  If this championship ended with any other finalists there is no way that we could have experienced such true drama and such true sportsmanship. If you were lucky enough to see it all - from start to finish - every amazing point - you were fortunate enought to have witnessed the very best of men's tennis. After the French Opens, the three Wimbledons, the 5-setter in Rome and now this, would it be too much to ask for more? 
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Poor Mirka, she looked more stressed than Roger.

I know...normally Mirka doesn't register on my radar but I felt for her as she did look upset for Roger. It was emotional for everyone who watched.

And Rafa was as gracious as always...I wish he had more fan support there than he does...they sure LOVE Roger though.

These two are "the best of the history"...ok barring Pat Rafter but that was a different era.
I believe the commentators mentioned at one point that the fans were 50/50 for Rafa/Rog.

Yes they are 'the best of the history'. Did you see that Rafa nominated Roger for the Prince of Asturias Sports Prize? He so worships the ground Fed walks on. Of course I guess you could come to the conclusion that if he thinks Roger should be nominated for his performance in 2008 and, for all intents and purposes, Rafa's year was actually better than Roger's, ERGO, Rafa should be nominated as well. How's that for logic. Sneaky little baby!!