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Coldplay and the weekend plans...

niviene  and I had a brief discussion this morning re: Bruce Springsteen concert ticket concerns. Just to clarify, neither one of us want to see Springsteen - the conversation was about the most optimal way of obtaining tickets. I have a failsafe method which I will NEVER disclose so obtaining tickets has never really been a problem for me. Basically people just need to know how the system works - once they figure it out, it's no problem. Anyhow, the conversation eventually turned to the fact that there are very few people whose concerts we'd even want to see. I know Fleetwood Mac is coming here and they'd be okay but really the only two bands I genuinely want to see are Coldplay and Bon Jovi. I peruse ONTD this morning and what comes up? This. YAY...Coldplay, Molson Amphitheatre, in perfect weather July. No debt so I can, at long last, afford tickets. Mark that one on the calendar.

Oh frick! Gago is out for this weekend. I completely forgot. Robben is coming off the flu so it is still questionable whether or not he will be in the line up. Looks like we may see some of the newbs. Well at least Raul should be able to get his record-breaking goal at home - that will be something to look forward to. Juve game is on Sunday morning...in other words, breakfast with Amauri.

FNL tonight. And maybe, if I'm lucky, I might actually get three quarters of the way through The Count of Monte Cristo this weekend. Great book but way too long. Grammies on Sunday. You know the Grammies are really the only awards that have the potential to truly be entertaining. Let's face it, the Golden Globes don't even have a host anymore and those Oscar nominated song performances are scathingly horrid but the Grammies and the AMAs give you the best. This years' performers include U2, Coldplay, Kanye, Plant & McCartney (no, the Jonas Brothers don't count).

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I want to see what kind of tickets Arthur's brother can get...I'll ask him...Victoria got her tickets from him for the Jon Bon Jovi concert. She went both nights they were here and the first night her friend got pulled on stage by Jon and the second night she did so they must be half way decent. Mind you I think it depends on what concert and where... still they may be the same or better than what we get...

what would you give to talk to Chris who actually can read the Aeneid in Latin or the Iliad in Greek....think about it.
I should like the world to be populated with men like Chris Martin..as long as they look like Rafa or Gago or Amauri...Hmmm, do you think I'm expecting too much?

P.S. I'm not saying Chris Martin isn't cute...he is adorable...he just physically isn't my type. Mentally, he is almost Marek-ian.