Happy Feet

Goals, Grammies and golden tickets...

Aww, the boys did well this weekend. Juve came from behind to win. Poor Amauri, he was left out there alone on the front line for 80 minutes or so and he still managed to get in some  really decent shots. What a dramatic victory for the Turin boys in extra time. And, for the umpteenth time this season, Higuain's goal carried a Gago-lite Real Madrid to a victory. I think I have a right to gush for a while. I read today that Huntelaar is not happy in Madrid due to his lack of playing time. Oh, like we didn't see that coming. I really want to like the guy, he is supposed to be a decent player, but honestly RM didn't and don't need him so it is no wonder he isn't getting a lot of playing time. quidquid. Juve, on the other, have proclaimed an interest in David Silva. Now that would be an interesting pick up. I won't hold my breath though.

The other big news of the weekend was the Grammy Awards. Fantastic performances...U2 wasn't that exciting but that is probably because it is only the first time hearing that song. Coldplay were perfect as expected. Kid Rock was scarily appealing and Justin Timberlake and Al Green gave a memorable impromptu performance covering for the MIA Rihanna and Chris Brown. Wow is all I can say for the other M.I.A., the 9 month pregnant one that is, who outshone the fab four rap packers that she performed with. Not to sure why people dissed Katy Perry's number. So she doesn't quite have the vocals of say a  Christina or a Carrie Underwood, she is still adorable and certainly looked like she was having a great time out there. At least she didn't lip-synch. I loved Carrie Underwood's Red Carpet dress and must steal the design for future reference. LOL moment - when Coldplay won Best Rock Album and Chris Martin mused that they really weren't hard rock, they were more like limestone. :D All in all it was a great night and, for the most part, the right people won.

Second last noteworthy item of the weekend - I finally purchased my tickets for Spring Awakening at the Canon Theatre (with a 20% discount for TStar). I will be attending the evening performance on Wednesday, March 18th - fifth row. Woohoo...I haven't been to the theatre in ages. 

Last noteworthy item of the weekend - I rented Madagascar II: Escape to Africa and although it wasn't as funny as the first one, it was still cute and I loved the penguinos. Definitely a must watch for a children (and parents) alike.
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There were sayings in newspapers that Huntelaar isnt happy, then there were news that he's staying & those are just rumors.
I saw the Grammy's last night, I don't usually see it, but it was sth to watch, and it was nice.
I like Kate Perry, she's a bit crazy but cute, duno.
Oh that pregnant lady, how could she dance, it was her due date I heard :P lol, but I didn't like what she was wearing.

Lastly, I never saw Madagascar, always some parts, but not all. My nephews enjoy watching it a lot :)