On the imminent demise of Real Madrid...

"It has been reported that Banco Santander, the largest bank in the Euro region who are also the main corporate sponsors for the McLaren-Mercedes F1 team and the Copa Libertadores, have approved of [Real] Madrid’s application for a massive loan.

According to an informer, Jose Ramon de la Morena, who spoke to Cadena SER radio programme, ‘El Larguero’, the Santander-based group have already granted Los Blancos a whopping €70 million credit to assist them in signing Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United this coming June."
It would be so easy for me to say 'just shoot me now' but frankly, I'm far more pissed at the complete and utter waste of money. If certain other players who are far more important to Real Madrid aren't signed to long term (or any) contracts I shall be forced to come up with a scheme to get Higuain, Gago and Ramos on Juventus...(I'd say Casillas as well but Juventus already have the second best goalkeeper in the world and SOMEBODY has to steal the show from Ronaldo - who better than Saint Iker)

PS - If anyone knows a good hacker who can get into the Banco Santander system to cancel that loan approval, please let me know (and while they are at it, if they would like to transfer any or all of the 70 million euros to my account it would be most appreciated)

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Good lord.
That is more than insane madness.
It is satanic evil.
What the hell....?
I know, and then to make matters worse comes the news that RM are the richest team in pro futbol. Idiots, the entire lot of them.
WTF?! NO NO NO!!!! WE DONT NEED CRISTIANO!!! We have good players, we dont need him, he'll ruin the team!!!!
Who the f*ck runs this team? The Spanish Mafia?

Srsly this is madness sheer and utter madness and we all know Ronaldo is a prima donna and will single handedly ruin the team.

That money could be used to help the poor and needy.

Oh I like the idea of the El Trio heading to Juve!!! or better yet send Ronoldo to Juve and pay Amauri that money to come to Real Madrid...ok not all $70M but split between Iker, Sergio, and Fernando too!

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Amauri to RM. I'm all for it. Apparently Juve aren't though since they killed that deal in November. *shakes fist*

It's kind of funny to ponder the way fate has turned with these two teams...Juve wanted Higuain and then RM signed him so Amauri (presumably) was signed by Juve once the Higuain deal fell flat. Then RM wanted Amauri after all the November injuries and Juve prevented that deal from going forward (although personally I don't see Amauri ever leaving Italy). Now with the Ronaldo speculation, the mid-season signing of Huntelaar and the fact that Van Nistelrooy will undoubtedly be back next season you wonder if there will even be a spot left for Higuain, their current #1 scorer. It's all just a little mind boggling where RM logic is concerned.