The latest Heroes storyline...

OK who else wants to join in on the Gabriel Gray cross-country road trip? Great tunes, old-fashioned diner food and stimulating conversation. I just can't wait till someone asks Sylar to pay the inter-state tolls. Mwhaahaa. I'll even recommend some roadside museums to keep everyone amused on the way...perhaps the National Clock and Watch Museum in Pennsylvania or, my personal favourite, the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices in Minnesota.  If all else fails, there is a great little bar just south of the border...open from dusk till dawn.
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This is too funny...please stop!!! It's on par with Diablo Cody!!!

And no I'm never getting in a car with Sylar...he drives worse than my brother but I definitely want to check out that bar though!

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Aww, come on. He has to be a better driver than Rafa? I hope the new Rafa-mobile goes as slow as 5km/hr...whoa, watch out for Granny with the walker, she'll be passing you on the right hand side any second now....