When disaster strikes...

With the exception of the Arsenal/Roma match, every single UEFA Champs League match turned out to be a disaster. Both Juve and Real Madrid lost, although, for the most part, they played far better than their opponents. Barca tied while they should have lost and Inter wasn't able to put away Man U. To make matters even worse, Gago was injured and will likely miss the game this weekend. And Higuain, that look he gave when he walked off the field pretty much said it all. *bites lower lip* I pray for better results next month. 

NOTE: Rafa was at the RM/Liverpool game. I shall attempt to lay some of the blame on him for the RM loss as he claims they never win when he is in attendance. Please tell me that Rafa is nowhere near the U.K. on March 10th.
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I feel almost the same, and have managed to catch cold or something since yesterday's Real Madrid disaster. My throat is all sore and I have stomach cramps to boot. Damn it! But actually, I quite enjoyed the Manchester United-Inter Milan match. I find it helps if I am not emotionally involved with the teams. While I enjoy watching both those teams and admire many of their players, I didn't really care who won. Ditto for Atletico Madrid and Porto. I like both teams, but I don't care who wins. And as far as Barcelona and Lyon go, I hope Lyon whup Barca's asses, but I really don't care that much because Bordeaux is my French team!!! And boo hoo - they went out today in the UEFA Cup game! But to Galatasaray - another very, very "pretty" team!

I am sorry - I am babbling, probably due to onsetting fever. I really need to go lie down and watch the Spurs game.

Let's put the hex on Rafa! How DARE he affect the game!!! Shame on him!!! LOL.
Oh dear. I hope you are feeling better now.

I think you are correct - to enjoy the sport it is so much easier if you are not emotionally involved with the teams. It is actually worse for me with tennis I think. Those Wimbledon matches damn near killed me over the past few years. Do you think the players have any idea the kind of torture they put us poor fans through when they participate?
The players probably know about the torture they put us through because they must feel it themselves. I cannot imagine playing an intense tennis match for upwards of six hours. But then, I am no longer that young!
Hey...poor baby is not bad luck! Lol, he's superstitious a bit, if he thought we won't win with his attendance, I think he wouldn't have attended :P

I got busy at work to try & not think. In the free time I had I thought of the match. then immediately got up to find sth else to do :S We played better, ugh Liverpool got lucky with that free kick >_<
It was honestly a lucky goal. But in truth, Liverpool really did a decent job preventing RM from scoring. It should have been a tie. RM at least deserved at tie for that effort.
I've seen Rafa attend games RM have won so it really isn't his fault. I just wish RM were a little luckier during this game.