All Soccer...all the time...

Let me first state that I am completely overjoyed by the fact that I did not win ProLine this weekend. What this means is that although I did bet on Barca to beat AM, they lost. And, as Ray and Phil gleefully pointed out, the boys in white are sipping sangria to celebrate. With the Real Madrid victory, they are only four itty-bitty points behind Barca now. Unfortunately GOL TV lost feed for the second half of the RM game so I was forced to watch it on the internet which just wasn't quite the same.  I'm quite thankful they were able to pull off the victory - the infusion of Guti seemed to make the difference because they were rather sluggish in the first half. In all reality, they were probably just moping over the dramatic loss on Wednesday. They did look awfully nice in their black uniforms though. I wish they would wear them more frequently and, in particular, when Gago is actually playing. Hmmm, come to think of it, that probably is the real reason why they were so off in the first half. No Gago. Everyone was lost without him anchoring the midfield.  I hope he is back soon.

The Juve boys should be mildly excited by this weekend's results as well Their victory coupled with the Inter tie moves them up two points in the standings. Unfortunately they have to play again on Tuesday. That is what, four games within eleven ?? twelve ?? days now. Brutal scheduling. That would explain why Amauri sat for the majority of the game on Saturday. Hopefully he will start on Tuesday. The game is on GOL TV so I am praying Ray and Phil call it.

On Saturday I discovered that Setanta is on free preview to Rogers subscribers. I'm not sure how long that lasts but I'll gladly take it. Maybe they will offer a better price for it once the preview is over.

Yes, I freely admit that I am officially addicted to European Soccer. This can't be good. I blame Rafa's injury and TSN's woefully appalling lack of tennis coverage since the introduction of TSN II for this newfound obsession.  On the topic of tennis, here I was hoping for an all French Dubai final and what do I get? A Djokovic win. *groans* Rafa, Roger, pleeeeeeez come back soon.
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