But I look horrid in black and/or white...

Fav RSS feed of the day:

MyCelebrityFashion.co.uk quizzed 1,904 blokes on their favourite female bed-time fashion turn on and instead of sexy lingerie or fantasy role play costumes leading the way, the most popular turn-on for men was their wife or girlfriend wearing their favourite teams top.

And the results:
* 34% said they would prefer their sexual partner to be wearing their team's jersey or colors
* 23% prefer "sexy lingerie"
* 21% went with simply nothing
* 16% hoped to see a “fantasy role play outfit”
* 6% just want plain old ordinary nightwear

This would make a lot of sense...especially if you are wearing say, a Juventus jersey, and your 'consort'  happens to be playing for Real Madrid. That would certainly be incentive for him to tear it off you...

I did so resist the urge to do a vice versa on the above example.

Anyone wanna corner the market and start designing some lingerie with team logos and colours??
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Hahahaha. Great idea! Let's design some team lingerie! Actually, I remember seeing an ad for some underpants (female) bearing the team colours and logo of an Argentine team. I must try to find it. So I think this is being done in some places!
Come to think of it, I am wearing blue and white striped undies right now so I guess we know where my priorities lie.