Friday plans and Saturday chaos...

Shocking news of the week...the girls on America's Next Top Model this season are actually pretty. *faints* As for American Idol, was it just me or did it seem painfully obvious that the final three four so-called 'wildcard' contestants had long since been predetermined by the judges?

I'll be heading out for lunch shortly. The girls and I are going to the mall, getting manicures and shopping. Yep, that is our busy office schedule for today. Plus, I'll be leaving early to go to the tooth spa. Nick's for dinner. 20 minute turbo workout, 9 minute abs workout. After that is the search for Davis Cup highlights on the internet and a quick perusal of the Sergio-Ramos.com boards (those girls make the Rafa fans on VamosBrigade look like Mensa scholars...and why does Higuain have a 140+ page thread while Gago hasn't even racked up 50???). Tim Riggins at 9 PM. Oh and drat, Juve and Real are scheduled to play at the same time tomorrow unfortunately not against each other...GRRRR..Everything is so up in the air with this weekend's games. I haven't got a clue who will be in the lineups. It's the Madrid Derby so Real should have their key players but then again, UEFA games are looming large on this Tuesday. 

One thing I definitely won't be doing this weekend is going to see Watchmen. I'll avoid the crowds and see it next week. You know the boys across the hall are probably lining up to see it as I type this.

Coldplay - July 30th - I am SO there.  Tix coming next week.
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I think the boys were in line a couple of days ago for Watchmen!

I love the tooth spa and dinner at Nick's!!!

Cringes at the SergioRamos.com boards...why does Gago and Higuain have threads there anyway?!? btw I need a new Sergio icon!

Tim Riggins flipping a house cracks me up! Can he flip a house for me? *raises eyebrows*

Real Madrid...Juve...
I see the boys are MIA across the hall so I'm assuming they have seen it what, 3x by now?

The tooth spa...ahhh!! In fact that was probably more enjoyable than the manicure today (even if my nails look like beautiful purple smarties right now)

Sunday = you, me, Sergio-Ramos.com and a whole lot of tequila

Tim Riggins (aka Taylor) on Men's Health mag this month. A must.
LOL. I don't watch enough TV. I'll have to start getting into the reality shows again. I feel I'm missing out!

OMG hahahahaha!!!! The girls on the Sergio-Ramos.com messageboards used to give me such a headache! That and the horribly large icons and repetitiousness drove me so crazy I could only read 4-5 pages before I felt sick and had to get out! Hahaha. I made up for the headache by stealing many pics! Hohohohoho!!!!

Oh, I just HATE it when the pundits schedule the games I want to watch against each other!!! It happens every time they show Napoli games!!! Grrrr!!! I always miss out on seeing Lavezzi, Denis and Datolo!!!!

Mmmm...Watchmen...I want to see the big blue....well, you know. But I'm going to wait as well!
Trust me, you are not missing anything when it comes to the reality shows. The best shows on tv right now for me are Big Bang Theory on Monday nights (it's so funny I actually laugh out loud when it's on) Lost and Friday Night Lights. If you do want to watch some of the reality shows both American Idol and America's Next Top Model have just started their new cycles. ANTM looks promising this season but the American Idol contestants seem weaker than usual IMO.

I plan on taking some time on Sunday to read the Sergio-Ramos.com postings. I think I'll need a pitcher of tequila to get me through it though. Hopefully the pics are worth it.

I've been pretty lucky with football scheduling. GOL TV basically repeats all their games at some point during the week so I can always see the Real Madrid game (many, many times). Foxsports usually covers Juve and they tend to rebroadcast those games as well. In fact I checked the schedule and their game will be on again tomorrow evening so, thankfully, the crisis has been resolved for this weekend. Only problem is it is not a lot of fun watching a game you already know the results of ESPECIALLY if you know your team has lost.

Watchmen...the big blue...hahaha! That should be quite a sight on the IMAX screen. I'm certain it will be well worth the wait.
Thanks for the info on the TV shows to watch!
Haha! A pitcher of tequila is just the thing while reading the Sergio-Ramos.com site! Good idea!
Yes, I find GOLTV is the least annoying of the three soccer channels that I get. Usually, but they have their moments too.
I like FOX's scheduling except for the fact they show too little! But they have the most annoying commercials and they repeat them incessantly. Setanta drives me crazy at times because of their game delays. I HATE when I find out they are supposed to show a Spurs game at 10 AM but end up delaying it until 10 at NIGHT and thus I tend to find out what already happened, for instance!!!! *sigh*

Ahhh...yeah...Watchmen should be a lot of fun! IMAX rules! Hahaha.
The girls and I are going to the mall, getting manicures and shopping. Yep, that is our busy office schedule for today.

Love this and when is there going to be an opening ... everyone could use a job like this...I am ready to apply now!