First the mafia, now the Templars....

OK whose idea was it to let Inter wear the Templar Cross kits? *Templar fangirl squee*  Why Inter? *pouts* Is there something I should know? 

And ZI, just because he is the only one who I would actually buy as a Templar...

P.S. A Templar cross would look sooooooo much hotter better on Amauri but no, he gets stuck with the zebra stripes. There is clearly something wrong with the Serie A universe.

Yes I am upset that RM tied ant thus lost two points but it is a long way till the end of the season still and plenty of opportunities await. I'm certain Barca are not celebrating the victory since Puyol is out for three weeks. Big big games tomorrow. I'll tape Juve/Chelsea (and watch it live at work) and then zoom home to watch the rebroadcast of the RM/Liverpool game. Please score for the love of God. They need the points. I can't believe I'm going to say this but I hope Barca win - the longer they stay in UEFA, the more worn out they will be for La Liga.

Big YAY to the victorious Davis Cup quarter finalists from Spain. I never doubted them. I think they are going to win it again this year. I really wished for a better result for the Canadian team though. Poor Dancevic - that match was a heartbreaker.
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Ya those kits are HOT! I think they should be given to certain players only and not to a specific team...sort of like part of a special club if you know what I mean ;)
A secret society...hush, hush...lots of controversy surrounding it...DUDE, I think they've already got it covered:

...a quest for some mythical lost knowledge (err, well, when it comes to soccer persona, that would be any knowledge, period)
...secret rites (what goes on in the locker room, stays in the locker room)
...traditional ritual (a weekly gathering, every Saturday/Sunday, featuring 90+ minutes of devotion)
...sacred symbols (from cryptic lettering to mythical beasts...engraved on human flesh...)
...cult objects (the Ramos hairband, the Casillas Ov-gloves, and, the Holy Grail that is the World Cup)
...a faithful group of acolytes (yep, that would be the season ticket holder)
...patron saints and venerated martyrs (check the record books...those stats don't just write themselves)
...the few enlightened individuals who are able to penetrate the outer facade of the society (aka Ray and Phil)

Most importantly, the three Templar vows...
1. A vow of POVERTY...although publicly renouncing the accumulation of wealth, they still have more money that most small countries

2. A vow of OBEDIENCE....have you seen those drills that Juande has been putting them through?


Hmmm, well there goes my thesis...so much for the Masters Degree :(