The aftershock....

As much as I don't want to dwell on those games yesterday, I need a catharsis and I'm sorry LJ, you will be my source for venting.

First, Real Madrid. Granted they were completely outplayed from start to finish, and if it weren't for Iker's miraculous saves the final score could have been a lot worse. The issue with this game for me though was those first two goals. They were gamebreakers. They turned the tide of the game and, quite frankly, simply should not have counted and/or occured. On the initial goal, Torres fouled Pepe - the play should have been called before the goal. Granted it was barely a foul and I don't think these sort of things should be called in the first place but the truth of the matter is 90% of the time they do get called.  Even worse was the second goal, coming off the free kick awarded after Heinze was called for a handball. Truthfully Heinze could have done little about it even if the ball had hit his arm...which it didn't...as it was deflected off his shoulder. Again, I reiterate, Real Madrid did not deserve to win as they were clearly outmatched, but take away those two goals and the second half starts in a scoreless tie - a comletely different mindset and gameplan ensues. They are no longer scrambling to catch up and can play the more polished game that I am so used to watching and expecting from them.

Second, Juventus. I didn't get to see much of the match but I'll presume that the Trezegut, Iaquinto, Del Piero line did a great job, Giovinco was all over the place creating chances for the team, and Buffon was his usual brilliant self. But an injury to Nedved, and a double yellow to Chiellini were the harbingers of eventual doom. I'm not sure what was more disappointing - the Real blowout or the all-for-naught hard work effort by the Bianconeri. Either way :-( ....all I can hope for is that their league champion play will benefit from these losses.  In fact, these defeats should motivate them all the more to win the respective league titles. I dread saying this but I must cheer for Barca and Inter today...anything to wear those teams out.

Other comments and musings on the games:
  • This is the second time I have come home during a Juve game in progress and walked in literally seconds before Amauri was subbed in. I think I have a homing device when it comes to him
  • I'm sadly starting to think Iaquinto may be Juve's best forward...even if he is an idiot at times
  • No Sissoko + no Nedved = no Serie A title :-(
  • Higuain cut his hair and looks distractingly cute. I don't normally enjoy 'cute' but it works on him.
  • Between the Gago frustration and Casillas anguish, I'm not sure who broke my heart more (I'll go with Casillas as Gago tends to telanovela it a tad too much)
  • I can't hate Chelsea...well at least not Frank Lampard, after this. OMG, finally!!! *bows* (*sigh* too bad it all didn't come in Higuain's body)
  • First head on the chopping block..."Real Madrid sports chief Pedja Mijatovic is close to being fired following the Spanish giants humiliating 4-0 Champions League defeat at Liverpool in Tuesday, sports daily Marca reported Wednesday." Hmmm, wonder who's next?

OK now I realize I have to get past this (of course I'll still be watching the Inter and the Arsenal games...it's up to Ibrahimovic and van Persie to save Champs League for me) so I'll look ahead to tonight. ATNM makeovers...oh yay! That should make for some fun dramatics (eat your heart out Gago). LOST...perhaps maybe Sayid or Desmond will show up this week?? Nip/Tuck..ok well that will be taped for future viewing. American Idol elimination...frankly they all should go. Just give Adam the title and stop bothering with the facade of a competition. 

Took a quick perusal of the Indian Wells draw. Meh. Rafa should be fine. OK so maybe some worries in his quarter from Nalbandian or Berdych/Youzhny but I think he'll survive. QFs against likely either Monfils or Del Potro but they should be so worn out after, presumably, playing each other that it shouldn't be that difficult for Rafa. Semis = Djok or Roddick. I should worry but for some reason I'm not. I think Rafa could take either...and actually quite easily. Finals, well let's not go that far. Oooh but can I request a Simon/Murray QF? Yep that may be wishful thinking now that I see Ancic and Tsonga in Gilles' quarter. Poor Fed, he gets stuck with Karlovic. Good luck with that....Feli is in the Federer bracket and, should he make it to the next round *is dubious* we will be blessed to watch the formidable Lopez forehand tackle the brilliant Gasquet backhand :-)
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I miss Rafa and Feliciano and tennis in general....seems there's less coverage on TV or TV we get anyway. The last tennis I actually saw was the Australian open this year and nothing after that yet. :(

Sadly the Real Madrid loss was heartbreaking. Gago tried so hard and looked so sad that I wanted to console him and you know that's so not like me...what does that say? Poor Iker...those first two goals were a load of crap and fouls should have been called. I think that Refs from a completely different league than the two playing should ref for fairness...srsly that foul on Pepe would have been called in La Liga but I'm betting that Torres having played in both knew that in England they don't call that sort of thing much and so took advantage. I do not like Fernando Torres and for the record he'd make a HORRIBLE LOTR ELF!

Oh Juve Juve Juve...I think that if Amauri had played they would have pulled out a win...even if he is in a scoring drought right now.

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shocking shocking shocking :'-( I hate remebering the match, hate talking about it...Poor Iker is the only thing I can say.

@ tennis: Rafa's draw seems pretty good. He can beat Nole if they meet in the semis. Good luck to the #1 :)