Mind like Aristotle, Form like Sin

Why can't he be older??

OMG, hot intern who looks like a cross between Iker and Cesc (only even better than that combination would be) just bought Tim Horton's trail mix cookies for Cheryl and I. Yes, I love my work. And yes, I really wish I was 10 years younger. Damned hot interns! This one is actually intelligent..gets along with everyone...dresses well..and he likes soccer and tennis...*wistful sigh*
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I hate being older than a guy I take a fancy to. I don't know if you've every watched 'Queer As Folk' (the Canadian-American one). In the second season I think it was, there was a character named Ethan Gold. I work for a doctor and we have a patient who looks just like him. He flirts, too! But I'm so much older than him....*sigh*. It just isn't fair! He's of Italian heritage and that could perhaps account for the flirtiness. I so wish he wouldn't.

Anyway, your intern sounds delightful.
I can't say as I've ever seen an episode of 'Queer as Folk' but I have seen pics from it so I think I know who you are talking about and he is gorgeous. At least my intern doesn't flirt. Instead he tortures us all by being completely amiable to everyone. I really like having him around. Hopefully we will be able to hire him someday.
Give him our phone number...

Dang why don't we have hot interns? There are no goddamn hot young priests at work!!! I like younger men so why are there only old celibate pseudo-men where I work? Why?
Give him that winning smile of yours and you just may have him eating out of your hands before long...what does age matter...
He drove me home once and I swear I couldn't even look at him once. I think I'm like Raj from Big Bang Theory - I need a drink before I can actually talk to a guy I like.