Mind like Aristotle, Form like Sin

Why can't he be older??

OMG, hot intern who looks like a cross between Iker and Cesc (only even better than that combination would be) just bought Tim Horton's trail mix cookies for Cheryl and I. Yes, I love my work. And yes, I really wish I was 10 years younger. Damned hot interns! This one is actually intelligent..gets along with everyone...dresses well..and he likes soccer and tennis...*wistful sigh*
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I can't say as I've ever seen an episode of 'Queer as Folk' but I have seen pics from it so I think I know who you are talking about and he is gorgeous. At least my intern doesn't flirt. Instead he tortures us all by being completely amiable to everyone. I really like having him around. Hopefully we will be able to hire him someday.