Papa Fed, Is this Spain?, RM backlash...

First off, congratulations to Roger + Mirka who are expecting the birth of their first child this summer. I'm certain they'll make great parents :-)

Second, I had to LMAO at the Jay Leno 'Jaywalking' all-star competition. From now on I'm calling them the 'puertas calientes'  rather than the 'Hot Gates' since, apparently, it was the Spaniards rather than the Spartans who participated in the Battle of Thermopylae. This from the same college graduate who when asked to identify who shot the president (JFK), answered 'the vice-president'?!

Third, and not nearly half as enjoyable as the other two newsbits, is this appalling article from goal.com. It is merely a random example of the numerous articles that are circulating right now. I have only one thing to say back...if Real Madrid had won that game on Wednesday what would the media headlines be today? They'd be praising the team for their miraculous and near perfect performance since Juande has taken over the squad...which basically is what they have been doing up till Wednesday. Don't get me wrong, I realize the European League championships are huge, and that one game was probably the most significant game of the season, but this loss is not reason enough to rip apart what is, for the most part, a phenomenal team.

Weekend plans: unfortunately, a Finance Committee meeting...but hopefully it will be a short one and it is scheduled for Saturday AM so I should be home by lunch. The rest of the weekend will be same old, same old with one exception....the weather is supposed to be great so I do want to get outside and at the very least go for a walk to soak in the warmth and the sunshine (is it wrong to consider 5-10 degrees warm?!)
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Good lord. A college graduate thought those things? *facepalm*

OMG I HATE that goal.com article! It was horrible and obviously written by an idiot! That is precisely why I decided to post the SI.com one!

No, it is definitely not wrong around here to call 10 degrees warm! LOL. Even though I am at home with a bad cold, I want to go outsid tomorrow!