Penny Blossoms, Twitter, Indian Wells, RM freebies, Spring Awakening...

For those of you who watched Big Bang Theory this week, are any of you even remotely surprised by this website? You know if they really did sell the Penny Blossoms they would probably make a fortune.

Everyone seems to be on Twitter now. I admit I follow more than I update. Between that and the RSS feeds I have more news at my fingertips than I know what to do with. I may need to cutback a little.

Tomorrow Real Madrid have an open practice. I swear if I had a passport I'd be so tempted just to fly out there for it.  Rafa was successful against Nalbandian. Good job I was asleep as his match continued until the wee hours of the morning finishing after 2 AM EDT. I can only imagine what I would have been like at 1:30 AM when Nalbandian had five match points. Those kind of matches drive me crazy. They are great to watch if you already know the results, and especially if those results are favourable, but they are absolutely agonizing to watch live.

Spring Awakening was awesome. It's the kind of play you hope your high school would stage but never does for fear of the controversy. Although it was set in the 19th century Germany,  it pretty much deals openly with every issue that contemporary teens could face. The music was vibrant - the rock songs were catchy while the slower ballads were equally appealing. Not too much dancing involved - just simple choreography. Stick with A Chorus Line if you want Fosse. The cast was decent although you can tell that it was only their third performance. About two or three weeks into a run is the best time to see a play - it allows a sufficient amount of time for the actors to really get into their parts but not too long that it simply becomes a routine and they are just going through the motions. The lead actor had a minor role in Gossip Girl (he played Serena's brother's bf) and he really should stick to stage plays as he has a great voice. That said, some of the supporting cast actually had better voices than the leads (but that always seems to be the case). One of the cast members was actually on Canadian Idol. I remember watching her on Idol and even then niviene  and I both agreed she would be better suited to theatre. Speaking of Idol, although I did not see the formal ousting last night on American Idolas I was attending the play and was only able to DVR it, I'm pretty sure the oustee didn't expect that one (in fact I'm pretty sure she expected to make the final four...ooops!) No major loss. Anyhow, I really want the cast recording for the Broadway production. Ben Barnes would have been soooo good in this play. Next up, theatre-wise, is A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum but that isn't until September :-)

I need to plan my pseudo-vacation time. I think I'll work on that this afternoon in an effort to avoid falling asleep at my desk. Ciao

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My best friend told me about twitter, so I registered :P but I dont follow on it :P

I wish I can go to Spain to watch RM practice, I never went to Valdebabes :S

I was bored @ work while Rafa was playing. Wish I had a tv, but thanx to my best friend who kept updating me. Phew, Rafa scared me, 5 matchpoints for Nalby?! He wants to give us a heart attack or what?! I'm planning of waking up early (around 4-5am, watch his match, then go back to sleep) this is my only chance.