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Aside from Rafa's victory at Indian Wells, the boys drove me crazy this weekend. First the good. TENNIS. I finally got to see Rafa play after what seems like ages. I watched the IW final...live...and I didn't once cave to go searching for a cheering thread to get me through 'the difficult spells' (mostly because there were NO DIFFICULT SPELLS). It was ridiculously enjoyable to see him thrash Andy Murray. It made me think of Rafa's evolution into, arguably, one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Yes he was gifted to start with but I remember the past couple of years struggling to watch him play on the hard courts. It was always hit or miss with glimmering moments of brilliance destroyed by the occasional, inopportune flashes of ineptitude.  Yes I knew he did have the ability to win on hard courts but it was always a little scary out there when he faced the 'hard court' specialists. Now as I watch him this year I haven't flinched. He has soundly defeated all of his closest rivals on all surfaces - grass, clay and hard courts. I daresay I may actually take off some time this year to watch the US Open as it may indeed be his time. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed though - no whale trophy for him to bite. Just a standard crystal job. So I guess he didn't get to "fish the big fish" after all. Aside from Karlovic, the draw for Miami looks promising - in fact, I like Rafa's draw better for this event than I did for Indian Wells. He is ultimately bound to face either Murray, Djokovic or Federer in the Semis and Finals all season long so really it is a matter of whether the matchups leading to those Semis and Finals are difficult or not. For Miami, the first few rounds look relatively decent. OMG - Feliciano Lopez has a BYE in the first round. So he will actually make it through to the second round, no matter what. IT'S A MIRACLE. *faints* *prays for Lopez/Nadal SF*

Now the bad. SOCCER. Mostly it is just the media. If I didn't have the internet, if I just shut everything off, I think I'd be fine. Alas, stupid RSS, Google alerts, etc. *shakes fist*  - apparently it is impossible for me to turn a blind eye to the speculation and trashiness that is being bantered about and killing the buzz from the Juve and Real Madrid victories of the weekend.

First, Amauri - add to the fact that I am struggling to watch an Amauri-lite Juve for the next three weeks comes a misinterpreted article that will not do him any favours when he does eventually return to the team. Then Higuain is benched at the Bernebeu. *headdesk* Now granted I know he was not 100% this weekend but still - you bench the team's leading goalscorer and people start to question why. Please people - take a look back over this season. Without Higuain, this team would likely be in third or fourth place in the standings right now with virtually no chance of challenging Barca. Granted this team does have many, many talented players who are all jockeying for positions in the starting lineup, it just seems painfully unfair to deprive someone of a position when he has worked so hard for it, has rightfully earned it and is more than capable of sustaining it. I really do hate to say this but, given the state of the current squad, if there is no place for him on it (and don't forget to add to the squad a healthy Van Nistelrooy) then by all mean I hope to see him STARTING somewhere else rather than wasting his time on a bench. MEH. I can only imagine what this season must be like for the poor Van der Vaart fans *grimaces*  As for Gago, he hardly deserves to be relegated to a sub. I'm hoping I'll find out Juande just wanted to give him some extra rest but I've yet to see those details pop up anywhere. Frankly, Gago has been the team's most reliable player this season. You can't rate his ability or value by one or two performances. There have been games this season where he amazes me in his ability to hold this team together while everyone else seems to be falling apart and forgetting just what they are there to do. I suppose it could be worse..in fairness there really hasn't been anything that bad said about any of my boys. Poor Guti, it's not looking too good for him right now, though.  Ditto for Cannavaro :-(  All I can say is thank the gods a pain-free Euro friendly weekend lays ahead  

By the way, has anyone visited the Yorkville Nike store in T.O.? The 'V for Victory' posters are plastered everywhere. Cesc is there, and a whole bunch of Rafa's. The Ramos is nowhere to be found *snickers* I'll need to stop by and take some photos because there are a few Rafa ones that I haven't seen before (not even on the net or the Vamos boards). He is so darned cute. Aside from Ebay, I really would like to know if there is any way you can purchase these posters? They'd be perfect for my office. I tried checking the Nike website but that site is brutal (although I did find an adorable video of Ibra...hmmm, how come he didn't get to be in the V campaign?? *pouts*)

Tonight, back to my regularly scheduled workout, followed by the Presidential address (in other words, time for me to catch up on the DVR'd eps of Nip/Tuck and Lost). Hopefully I'll be less EMO tomorrow.
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Yikes! That article is awful for Amauri, but I've seen a lot of players misquoted and misunderstood in the past, so hopefully that will be taken for what it is!
I agree with you about the players who are not currently being used at Real Madrid. But this can (and does) happen so often to excellent players, and all are only an injury or two away from a bench spot! Higuain replaces Van Nistelrooy, Huntelaar replaces Higuain, and nobody replaces Raul!
It kills me to see Gago benched, since he lights up my world when he is on the pitch, even more than Sergio and that's saying a lot! And I was actually glad to see that Snejder did not particularly impress with his recent performance! For me, Gago is an amazing passer of the ball, even better than Guti now, and that is difficult for me to say as well! True, he still has to add goalscoring to his game, but that will come, as it did for Cesc Fabregas at Arsenal, who, for me is the closest player I can see in style to Gago.
It seems this is a tough time for some of my favourite players in Europe! Not seeing them regularly is going to be hard. I shall have to fall back on Argentina and Colombia (and maybe France and Mexico) for my eye candy fixes! :(
For me, Gago is an amazing passer of the ball
Soooo true. He finds targets I never even notice on the pitch. He is amazingly accurate. It's funny because when I watch his style as he kicks/passes he looks almost lackadaisical about it but when I see the results of the passes it just blows me away and I'm left thinking 'what just happened? how did he do that?' I can't wait to see him play for Argentina this week. Did you see the pics of him arriving at the Buenos Aires airport? He looked a little jet-lagged. Poor baby :(
Sometimes I can't believe how Gago is able to pass the ball between players when others can't do it! I think it's the quickness. The eye is a bit deceiving, but he does appear to be extremely quick with his feet.
Yeah, I saw the pics of poor Gago at the airport. He did look fagged out. (Very tired - LOL.)