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Just some random musings...

Yet another reason to go to New York/Broadway...Hugh is coming back to play Harry Houdini in a new musical.

I truly believe Madonna is dating her 22 year-old Brazilian boy toy model because of his name. After all, Jesus + Madonna...imagine the shock value of the potential headlines. (By all means though, a 50 year-old woman dating a 22 year-old Brazilian male model get a complete thumbs up in my books...girl, you are my idol right now)

What exactly is wrong with the Ramos? He, along with half the Spanish squad, are allegedly injured and/or ill and are supposedly not playing tomorrow. Should I be worried??

Re: Team Argentina - why are they not airing the game on any decent station? Why must I be forced to watch it on the internet, if I can even find a live feed? And, more importantly, why are they not included in ProLine this week?

Scary realization of the day: If Amauri does go on to play for Team Italy I will likely be supporting Italy during the World Cup. Italy #1, Spain #2, Argentina #3 (err, well, we'll see how that goes...there are certain *cough* variables of course *eyedart*)

Scarier realization of the day: I'm starting to like soccer so much I actually considered staying up to watch the Portugal/Sweden game on Saturday at 1:45 a.m....PORTUGAL and SWEDEN   :-O  Dang, I need a life.

After one week I still love my new haircut

I need a passport...stat.

I admit it...I think Kris Allen (American Idol) is cute. Clearly I'm still EMO and suffering muchly from lack-of-Amauri-itis.

After finishing watching most of Season I of Friday Night Lights (aka, best drama on tv), it's just about time to rent the DVD of the movie version which I have yet to see. This is purely to torment niviene  who, probably up until this moment, did not know that Garrett Hedlund has a leading role in the film. So does that make him the ORIGINAL Riggins??
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I with you on the Madona thing...22 all good!

Love to go to New York Broadway to...
This is purely to torment [info]niviene who, probably up until this moment, did not know that Garrett Hedlund has a leading role in the film. So does that make him the ORIGINAL Riggins??

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! Srsly does this show/movie want to torture me here or what?!?!

YAY for older women and younger men...must be our generation!
Agreed. The movie could have been better. Garrett was adorable (love that voice)...felt sorry for him. At least his character worked it out with his father in the end.
I didn't know Sergio was injured! Agggghhhh!!!! But I think Spain will be OK. They've got depth, that's for sure.
*sigh* The Argentina and other South American games (Paraguay vs Uruguay should be awesome) are always only available to watch online! Grrrrr! I hate the stupid TV rights business!!! Dammit!
LOL @ Portugal & Sweden! I thought about it too, though!
Omigod!!! Friday Night Lights is a show I've wanted to watch but never have for whatever reason! Must be the night it's on! I'll have to get the DVDs. I saw the movie and it's wonderful, of course. I've always been a football (NFL-style) fan and have liked almost all football movies. (My son plays that type of football so I'm totally biased.) And to answer your question, YES, of course Garrett Hedlund is the ORIGINAL Riggins!!!! That boy WINS for sure! (Although I've never seen the TV series, so no offense to that actor, whoever he might be. LOL.)

Oh, and are you kidding even suggesting you would support Italy because of Amauri??? On second thought, though, Italy would be better than Brazil, so I guess you will be forgiven!
Apparently (and thankfully) Sergio was not injured and was playing. That was a tough game for Spain though - I would have thought they would have crushed Turkey even if Spain had been forced to play their entire B squad.

My internet froze through the Argie game. I only saw a bit of the opening ceremonies aka future generations of Team Argentina (or let's use this excuse to show off our cute little babies)

When you get a chance you really should watch FNL on DVD. I have now watched the movie and can honestly say I like the tv series better. When you see the Tim Riggins in the tv series you may regret your words. Taylor Kitsch is VERY PRETTY (read: puts Garrett Hedlund to shame) if you like pretty boys.

Ugg Brazil...never. I actually am of Italian heritage so it may be a first for me to cheer for a 'home team' so to speak.
When you see the Tim Riggins in the tv series you may regret your words. Taylor Kitsch is VERY PRETTY (read: puts Garrett Hedlund to shame) if you like pretty boys.

Love em both but you are right Garrett pales in comparison to Taylor! And you say pretty like it's a bad thing *narrows eyes*

Turkey is a good team! They were good at the Euros too, but thankfully they are better defensively than offensively and I still think Spain is much better. Wednesday (today, actually) should be very exciting, as Istanbul is a difficult place to play in, or so I hear!

Were you able to see the Argentine game this week on Setanta? It was awesome. They showed all the South American qualifiers after the fact.

I've just ordered FNL's first two seasons from Blockbuster! I just know I'll love it. The third season DVD comes out next month!

Ahhh...good for you! I wish Italy all the luck.

My fingers are crossed for Team Spain today. I did get to see the rebroadcast of the Argentina game. YAY. I guess Setanta prioritizes the Euro teams for live coverage and we get stuck waiting for the rebroadcasts for the South American teams. Still a repeat is better than nothing at all. Their cameras must have been in the next county though - the players were mostly a blur (and I have a 37" tv?!) although I was able to easily pick out the Gago hair-flips among the ensemble *swoons*

Thanks for the info on the season three DVDs for FNL. You will love the first two seasons. This show must be watched from the very beginning to truly appreciate all the character nuances. I really don't understand the logic when a returning series airs in the States and then waits, for some unknown reason, before it gets broadcast in Canada. The series will get to DVD before it even has a chance to air in Canada. That happened with Greek, the Tudors and now with FNL as well. It just doesn't make any sense.