Happy 23rd B-Day to Sergio Ramos...
and please try to keep it a relatively decent one because I really am not looking forward to the Turkish massage pics of you and Fernando Torres. OK, who are we kidding, yes I am... nor do I want to hear anything about Iker having to rescue you from a Turkish prison. I've seen Midnight Express - trust me, it's not pretty.

P.S. A big thank you to Foxsports Canada for airing a Juventus rebroadcast marathon yesterday. Oh the pretty...

OMGS ew...not F. Torres...eww. *shudders* If there are pics please let it be with me someone other players I like...*ponders the possiblities*

I'd love to see Iker rescue him from a Turkish prison...srsly those pic would be priceless...but somehow as much as we love our Saint me thinks he'd high tail it out of there faster than Sergio can get a nose job!
Iker: Him..*points to the Ramos*...*confirms that Puyol is available for the game on Wednesday*...err,no...I've never seen the man before in my life.

(in other words, 'no entiende')

*mind wanders to that scene in the Midnight Express*

Psst Sergio, don't bend over...no srsly you don't need the soap! ROFLMAO!