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Two quick rants:

(1) Why do people bother making doctor appointments at all? My doctor always runs 1-2 hours behind scheduling. My next appointment is in two weeks and my plan is to show up one and a half hours early to see if I can actually get in on time for a change?!

(2) With the exception of the main branch, why are there no Royal Bank branches in downtown Toronto that open before 9 AM or close after 5:00 PM? I have to complete business banking and it is virtually impossible to make it to a Branch within that time frame given my (and anyone else's) normal business hours. 

OK so annoying things aside let's follow up on the good stuff - TV and Tennis. I freely admit that the Gossip Girl couple I am now most hoping to see get together is Dorota and Serena's doorman. Sylar, as usual, was the most enjoyable part of Heroes but I am looking forward to finding out more about Angela and the history of the Petrelli clan.

As for ATP happenings, I am quite proud of Feli making it past the second round but alas, that's as far as it goes for the Lopez.The QFs are almost set and I am eagerly awaiting the results of the Fed match (which Fed will win) and the Nadal match (which Rafa BETTER win). Rafa's match yesterday gave me quite a scare. He won...but it wasn't pretty. Hopefully today will be a little easier.

Right now: pizza & 90210
Tomorrow: Spain vs Turkey, Part II
My doctor always runs 1-2 hours behind scheduling.

My doctor doesn't even make appointments...it's a first come first served basis.

I am quite proud of Feli making it past the second round but alas, that's as far as it goes for the Lopez.

Oh poor Feli what will we do with him...
Feli should just be the full time model that he was meant to be...either that or he becomes the country-club-ex-tennis-pro-that-totally-hits-on-all-the-rich-over-50-yrs-old-women that he is destined to be.

(gah, please don't hit me for that last comment but you know it's true)
OK, I work for a doctor and can tell you why they are almost always running late.

Now all these things could be rectified if the doctor had balls enough to stand up to these patients and tell them they cannot get away with doing these things. Unfortunately, the only doctors with balls seem to be the women, and not all of them have balls. LOL.

(1) People make an appointment for one person and then bring a couple of their children with them, dragging them into the examining room. Always a bad sign. The ones who don't abuse the system leave the kids in the waiting room. Of course, every extra person seen who is not booked causes the schedule to get delayed by the exact amount of extra time they took.

(2) The doctor's wife is an inconsiderate idiot who rings him up on his cellphone about ten times a day, interrupting his patient flow to ask the stupidest things, like should their daughter wear pink or orange to school that day? Or to give him a shopping list for on his way home.

(3) A patient will come late, but just before the next one arrives, so the doctor takes him/her because "no one else is there" at that time. If he doesn't take the late patient, then you know for sure the one after that will be late as well and the doctor doesn't like standing around waiting and twiddling his thumbs. The schedule will get backed up by the exact amount of time that the late patient(s) run over their alloted time.

(4) Someone suicidal or otherwise very, very sick, makes a regular appointment but needs more than 10-15 minutes with the doctor. They might take up to an hour, thus pushing everyone else back.

(5) An emergency occurs, like someone passes out, an ambulance is called, and the doctor has to take extra time to explain to the paramedics what happened.

(6) This happened yesterday: one of the doctors got locked in his examining room with two patients. He intercomed us to yell for help. The other doctor had to leave his patient in order to come get him out with the help of a screwdriver. That put everyone behind by approximately 20 minutes.

(7) Any number of professional interruptions occur. A radiologist could phone and ask to speak with the doc about an Xray he is just in the process of reading, because it is showing something urgent. Another doctor may phone about an urgency involving a mutual patient. This is very, very common.

I've probably forgotten any number of other things, but those are probably the most common. Sometimes people just yak on too long about stuff, and as I said above, the doctor should really ask them to make another appointment rather than take the extra time and cause himself to get backed up.


Well that certainly clears up a lot of things. I see #1 happening all the time - in fact, I think I may be the only person who shows up alone for appointments. In regards to #4, for the first time ever the receptionist asked me if I wanted to book a regular or a half hour time slot for my next appointment. I was tempted to say 'half hour' to give the people waiting after me a bit of a reprieve. As for #6, what a dork...remind me not to visit your office(just kidding!)
I seriously wish we were allowed to tell off patients who consistently do the wrong thing. But the doctors don't like it, so we have to hold back. But it's always the repeat offenders who cause problems for everyone else.

If we suspect a patient is going to want a long visit we ask them if they need extra time. Certain things do, like a physical, a pre-op exam, a post-motor-vehicle accident visit (which requires forms to be completed), and various other things. If the patient tells us in advance what the visit is for, then we can book the time accordingly. But a lot of people don't like to say.

Hahahaha. In my experience, most doctors are rather dorky. Ours are very, very trusting, even when it comes to doors becoming locked. It's like they don't believe it could happen a second time!
I take it the mandatory time then is 15 minutes per patient and an extra time would be a half hour or thereabouts? Too bad we don't have enough doctors to go around, everyone should just get the half hour booking (or longer if required).
Yeah, most appointment books are pre-printed in either 10 or 15-minute timeslots, but they also divide the page so you can double-book as well. Lots of doctors like to double-book if they tend to get lots of 'no-shows' and that way they are covered if one patient doesn't show up for their appointment (without calling to cancel).
I think you have a great idea to book every patient for 1/2 hour, but most docs wouldn't stand for it because of the potential lost income. Unfortunately, that seems to be a sign of the times!