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April Fools, Myths and the Cass-Iliad

I really hate April Fool's Day, soccer rumors and RSS feeds....you never know what's what anymore. Still you have to admit this one is priceless...Riots In Turin As Sebastian Giovinco Signs For Arsenal

In other very non-related news, the classicist geek in me is uber-excited after reading about the all-star cast for the film adaptation of the first novel in the Rick Riordan Percy Jackson series. I believe I should offer my services to play Persephone (and I can think of a few excellent choices for Hades *smirk*). Err, well, then again, this is a children's book :-i

Better go and find a livestream now as the Spaniards are preparing their siege on Turkey...hmmm, I'm getting a sense of deja vu...
Goddess, sing the rage of La Roja,
murderous, doomed, that cost the Troyans countless losses,
hurling down the FIFA international rankings so many sturdy souls,
great fighters’ souls, but made their bodies carrion,
feasts for the fickle fans,
and the will of Del Bosque was moving toward its end.
Begin, Muse, when the two first broke and clashed,
Casillas, lord of men, and the brilliant Ramos. ..
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OMGS priceless...I love it! Poor Giovinco can you imagine what he was thinking when he first saw that?

Troy...ancient world...futbol...sing the rage of La Roja...there are no words! <3
Some say Rafa has a twitter, but I don't believe it. I wish he had one though. Ehm, I lied 3 times 2day, but only 1 believed me :P
I actually am following that Twitter just to be sure but my guess it is fake or, at best, someone posting on Rafa's behalf.