It's snowing, again...

It seems I was a little premature in placing my winter boots in the closet and retiring my 'snow' icon for the season. GRRRR  *shakes fist*  It was 12 degrees yesterday...how can this happen?

I just booked this Thursday and next Tuesday off. Granted I have nothing special planned but a nice six day break from work. I intend to sleep in, work out, read and clean up the DVR hard drive.
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Ooh, I love snow coz I never really saw snow in real :P

You changed your layout?! I like that there's a pic of our boys at the top, but I have to say the other looked nicer coz now not everything is clear like "la divina commedia" & the links to userinfo, friendspage...
(sorry, I know you didnt ask for my opinion) :P
I'm still tinkering with layout but I will be switching back to the old one for now just cause I can't put what I want on the sidebar on this one and really it only looks nice if you have a widescreen monitor.

Contrary to what you may think, I like the snow. It's just right now it is not that pretty, fluffy white first snow of winter. It is that rainy wet snow that doesn't really stay on the ground and is just kind of depressing to get in the springtime :-(