Fate - the future of Heroes, Vacations and Team Argentina

There are only three more episodes of Heroes this season :-/ Frankly I can't even remember what happened. Did anything significant occur other than getting to see Martha Stewart Sylar? At least Lost does progress to a certain extent with its plot lines (or at least it seems like it does) but Heroes appears to have no direction at all. Oh dear, a repeat ep of BBTheory last night. I suppose the compensation is we finally get some new episodes of Fringe starting tonight. YAY

niviene  please do not torture me re: the free ticket to Mozambique circa 2010 World Cup. Even taking World Cup aside, Mozambique is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa - basically a dream vacation. I'll have money, you'll have a free ticket. We both have oodles of vacation time. It just seems too good to be true. Speaking of vacation time, I really need to figure out when I want to take my five weeks this year.

It would somehow be wrong for me to not help promote the Higuain on Team Argentina cause so I shall direct you to the Marca site so that you may voice your opinion with an appropriate 'si' . Let's face it, he really deserves a chance to be on the national team. Now I doubt Marca has any influence on Maradona et al but at least it would help to send out a clear message for the future of the team. Oh and apparently Juve have been added to the list of teams interested in acquiring Gonzalo. Somehow this rumour doesn't quite upset me as much as any of the other previous ones. They are all just silly rumours after all. :-J
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please do not torture me re: the free ticket to Mozambique

I'm only reiterating what I was told by Father Marco. My ticket for next year is comp. he said. I'm still stunned. I'm sure I will get details closer to next year...but I was told I need to be there. I just have to make sure that I mention that my vaction has to be near the end of May ;) and so the trip is then closer to the World Cup time rather than earlier...he's been both last year and this year in April/May. He'll be back from Africa mid May and he's coming to see me on May 19th...I'm sure he'll make a point of discussing it in more detail then.
I stopped watching Heroes a long time ago, since the first few episodes of the 2nd season I guess coz I didn't understand, too confusing :P

Thanx for the link, I voted! :D Hope we see him soon in the Argentinian squad & no way he'll leave RM! We need him! We love him!

Nice layout now!!