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I honestly have to admit this is the longest I've gone without posting on LJ since, well, I don't know when. I shall blame my work for this. I like posting at work and sadly I've been way too busy of late. I curse the idiots who ever thought so schedule spring tryouts for hockey! *shakes fist* Hopefully it will slow down now that most of the tryouts are in progress or over. Now, let's see, what's been going on over the past couple of weeks, says the fangirl..

Oh my sweet little baby...it's clay court season and that pretty much says it all. Two clay tourneys = two victories. Djoker made me sweat out the Monte Carlo championship by taking the second set but Rafa came through in the end. Ferrer, well he really didn't stand a chance in Barcelona. I don't think Ferrer could have lifted that trophy anyway - it's way too heavy. Rafa has four years of practice behind him. This week our Number One is on his way to reclaiming the throne in Rome. A victory in Italy will mean he passes Rogelio, taking his 15th Masters Series title. That is scary impressive if you think about it. Rafa still has at the very least four or five great years ahead of him. I really can't begin to calculate the final tally of Master Series trophies Rafa could have when he does eventually retire (which hopefully won't be for a long, long time). Let's just say Agassi's 17 are going to look weak in comparison.

Out of the Monte Carlo championship a little too early for my liking. The conspiracy theorist in me has started to speculate he wants out early on these clay tourneys just so he can rest up and be well prepared for the big one in Paris. It really is the only event he needs to win to top off his brilliant career and it makes sense that he is going to put his all his efforts into winning that one rather than plod through the less important clay events.  What I'm really watching though is the race for #2, 3 and 4 spots in the ATP - who will go where first. I'm guessing Andy Murray will pass Djoker soon for the #3 spot. The question is will both Djokovic and Murray pass Federer this year? Oh the drama...

Real Madrid:
And speaking of DRAMA with a capital 'D' one can't look any further than the boys in Madrid. Normally the drama is off field but these past three games have been nail-biters.  I'd be hard pressed to come up with anything more exciting than the last 15 minutes of the Getafe game save for maybe the Wimbledon final. From the Higuain penalty (that was later appealed and revoked hehe) to the go-ahead Getafe goal, to the game tieing Guti goal, to the Pepe red card, to the Higuain extra time game winning goal - it was magic. I remember being in a state of euphoria for the entire day. Now with the Barca tie and Real's (or should I say Raul's) big victory yesterday, they come in to the Clasico only 4 points down. Whatever goes down next Saturday in the Bernebeu will be memorable, if not legendary, and I think you can guess where my hopes lie.

FINALLY finished The Count of Monte Cristo and it wasn't nearly as negative as I'd expected.  I'm surprised it has never been made into a mini-series - I think it would lend itself well to that genre. Since completing the Dumas novel I've moved on to something a tad lighter - the Rick Riordan children's series re: Percy Jackson and the Olympians. All I can say is where were these novels when I was a kid? Classical mythology meets Harry Potter! I'm in love. I have to admit thought that I'm not too pleased with their portrayal of Dionysus. Alas, he certainly isn't the Jim Morrison version that I'm so used to. Apollo has yet to make an appearance so I can't make a comment on him just yet. Ares is a hoot. Hermes is cool. Can't wait till Athena finally shows up. I can never look at the Empire State Building or the Bermuda Triangle again without thinking of these novels. LOL. 

Is it the Heroes finale tonight or next week? I can't remember. Daniel is returning to Lost this week so it promises to be a great 100th episode. Big Bang Theory is new tonight and is a Sheldon/Penny ep so it should be good. On 90210, Adrianne and Navid are engaged. I won't get too excited 'cause you know they will find a way to break up before anything really happens. I still can't believe they wasted the veto on Matt on American Idol. Hopefully he'll be sent packing this week cause he sucks. I'm hoping for an Adam/Chris final. The girls were shipped to Brazil on America's Next Top Model. Call me if Amauri shows up (and speaking of Amauri, his mere presence on the Juventus bench this week elicited a very loud audible gasp from me...you can imagine my reaction when he actually made it on the field for the last 15 minutes of the game - my poor cat, I don't think he has quite recovered yet)

Well aside from having too much work of late it has been relatively decent. I'm still waiting for the Blackberry which is allegedly arriving 'sometime soon'. I haven't had a cell phone in four years now and it certainly will be nice to be back in the fold again.

Is perfect today. I'm going out for lunch and then I plan on walking part of the way home. I can't wait till the tree outside my office starts to bloom.

That should pretty much catch me up to date. I'll be checking in on my flisters over the next couple of days. Hope all is well with everyone :-)
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Well 1st of all, welcome back! I was gonna send u a meesage to check if ur ok, but I came here to see that u posted :D

@ Rafa: he's awesome! Hopefully we'll see the 15th masters series this week :D
@ Fedex: he needs to win matches to prepare for RG, but I don't think he has a big chance, less than the past years.
@ atp ranking: I was just checking the points. Murray is only 110pts behind Nole who's 1000 points behind Fedex. My prediction since the start of the year that Murray will reach #2...#3 mmm duno.
@ RM: Getafe game, well last few min, were "wow"! Unfortunately I didnt see the match against Sevila >__< I hate missing a match!! El Clasico next week...yikes *crosses-fingers* hopefully we'll win! We'll kick Barfa boys!!
Rafa: 15th Masters comes this weekend :-)
Fedex: I'm not going to hold my breath for him winning Roland Garros. It's 100% Rafa's tournament.
ATP Rankings: Wow, Andy is out of Rome in the 2nd round. That doesn't help his shot at #3. Then again, I think Djoker won Rome last year so he has all those points to defend and I doubt Nole will win it. In fact, he may not even make it to the final so Andy may still pick up some ground even though he lost early.
RM: We are just two days away. I'm already biting my nails!
Let's just say Agassi's 17 are going to look weak in comparison.

Yes Rafa will make all others look pale in comparison...no one will touch his records...well at least not for a long time.

The Real Madrid vs. Getafe game was "unbelievable" to quote Rafa!

the Rick Riordan children's series re: Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

I need to read those at some point!
"I haven't had a cell phone in four years now and it certainly will be nice to be back in the fold again."

Seriously?! :0 u mean u go out & u don't have a cell phone, just maybe a normal/land line?! I can't live without my fone :P
I know, hard to believe but true. I do have a land line and I have managed to survive without the cell phone for this long. I'm really looking forward to having the Blackberry. Even though it is for work I think the most use I will get is for accessing the internet. Hopefully I can post to LJ and Twitter while I'm on route, via public transit, since that seems to be the only free time and access to computer time that I have lately.
Interesting to know...as I'm a person that's addicted to my cell phone (now Bb, so I guess I'm even worse) lol.
I post a lot on twitter thanks to the blackberry :)
I have a feeling I'll be doing the same with my Blackberry - I'll post more often from that device than any of my computers.