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It's the second last day for Dave (aka hot intern who looks like Cesc/Iker) at my workplace so we are going out for lunch today. It couldn't come at a worse time. I am so busy I really can't afford to take two hours out of my day to have lunch...even if it is The Keg.

Here is the latest on the usual suspects...

I have to admit I got a little excited over what is the best Real Madrid signing rumour I've heard to date....Real Madrid to Tempt Zlatan Ibrahimovic with 15 Million Per Season Deal. *swoons* That is soooooo much more appealing than the dreadful Ronaldo and Kaka proposals that keep being bantered around. Don't get me wrong, I love the team as is but if they were to pick up any forward, Ibra would be my choice. I can't believe the game is only two days away now. Yikes I'm nervous. Messi has already come out and said that he cares more about winning against Chelsea than winning the Clasico. Barca are coming into this pretty beat up from the UCL game. And that UCL game did turn out exactly as I had hoped...a tie. Now Barca have to worry about the rematch next week in Chelsea which gives them a lot on their plate to worry about going in to the Clasico. As for RM, Robben is in (a miraculous recovery, or so they say) and Guti is out. Heinze is back but who knows if he will start. I am curious to see who does earning the starting spots this week but I guess I'll just have to wait two more agonizing days to find out. Vamos Real!

(P.S. as I type this the building maintenance guy came in to check my air conditioning vents and he is a Real Madrid fan who is about as excited as I am right now about the Clasico...yay. It is always nice to find a fellow fan in this town!)

TV land update: nice to see they kept Adam (aka the future winner of American Idol) around so that he can show off his skills next week during 'Rock Week'. I'm thinking Aerosmith should be right up his alley. Not so nice to see Fo off of America's Next Top Model. She was so cute. The rest of the girls are average at best. I think I'll cheer for the scary blonde girl who looks like Mort the Lemur from the movie Madagascar. OMFG LOST! There is no way they can kill of Daniel. He's the best. *wails*

Over in Rome - Rafa is on cruise control. Not so much for the other big names in his half of the draw. Both Murray and Davydenko were out in the second round. Hmph, would it be wrong to speculate that they both saw the drawsheets and said 'forget it, I don't want to face HIM in the Semi-Final' and just threw in the towel? Haha

I have started the third Rick Riordan novel and have had the good fortune to finally met up with Apollo who apparently now drives a red convertible maserati spyder and recites Haiku (predominantly about himself). Oh yes. Now that is exactly how I've dreamed of my Apollo...okay maybe a tad less self-absorbed but still, much better than the sad, sad portrayal of Dionysus in this book. Greek mythology - you gotta love it.
Off to lunch now...ciao.

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Your making me hungry... the keg... now its a dream away...oh maybe get hot interns number before he goes....hook up after.
oh maybe get hot interns number before he goes....hook up after

I don't know why but this just cracks me up!!! Maybe because she can barely look at him let alone ask him for a phone number ROFL

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So I had lunch - the usual. Now I'm stuffed. Except instead of garlic mashed potatoes I had a spinach salad with goat cheese and cranberries and walnuts which was quite possibly the best salad I've had ever (the dressing leaved a bit to be desired though). It is weird that I can love salads so much but they really do make the meals for me. And, oh yes, the steak was also amazing.

if they were to pick up any forward, Ibra would be my choice

I'd love Ibra to come to Real...if he and Higuain were on a line together it'd be deadly!!!

would it be wrong to speculate that they both saw the drawsheets and said 'forget it, I don't want to face HIM in the Semi-Final' and just threw in the towel?

No not wrong at all!!! *evil grin*

Greek mythology - you gotta love it.

How can you not love it?!?!
Higuain and Ibra together would be great...
oh wait, are we talking about actually playing soccer??? Err, nevermind....as usual, the mind is elsewhere...*raises eyebrow*

Seriously though, I'd be more excited about Gago with Zlat. They both are amazing and precise at passing and setting up plays. Toss in Higuain, Huntelaar and Raul and the two Diarras and we'd be pretty much perfect up front and in the midfield. As for the back, well, there's Sergio. Canna's bags are packed for Juve as far as I can tell. The rest...well maybe Metzelder is promising. Who knows what will happen with Pepe now? Heinze? Salgado will probably retire soon - he hardly plays anyway. Marcello is better up front than in the back. Maybe they can take the $$$ they were going to pay Ronaldo and use it for Ibra plus a couple of half decent defensemen. Good defensemen are so hard to come by. All I keep thinking of is Chiellini but there ain't no way Juve is giving him up anytime soon.