The big weekend...

In exactly 24 hours from right now I will be catatonic (and hopefully fully recovered, functional and celebratory at 4 PM). Vamos Real. Rafa is through to the Semis to face either Juan Monaco or Fernando Gonzalez. It looks like, gods willing, he will be up against the usual suspects (aka Nole or Rogelio) in the final on Sunday.Truthfully the Semi sounds more appealing.  Vamos Rafa

Aside from the major Spanish sports spectacles that will preoccupy my weekend, tomorrow AM entails a trip to AMC Yonge/Dundas to, hopefully, see Xmen Origins: Wolverine followed by a quick visit to Sephora to see what's new and a pop into the World's Biggest Bookstore to acquire the fourth Rick Riordan novel (yep, I'm going through these novels rather quickly).  Inter's game coincides with the Clasico so I guess I'll be without Ibra Jose this weekend *pouts* An Amauri-better-make-the-starting-lineup Juve game is slotted in for Sunday morning and the usual workouts throughout. Hopefully the weather holds up.

Only one minor drawback for this weekend - since it is year end at work I have a pile of take home projects for this weekend - VISA recs, transfer invoicing, etc. ARGH! I guess I'm just going to be busy for the next two weeks until the audit starts. Then comes the slow period, the AGM and lots and lots of vacation time throughout June and July. I have formally booked the hotel for Ottawa on the August long weekend and I'm really looking forward to just getting away for a while. It's been six years since I've taken a real vacation and two years since I've last managed to get away from the city. Those bleak times of financial woe are thankfully ending shortly. I am officially 100% debt free as of July 9th (actually I'll be on the plus side with all the RRSPs I've stockpiled). I'll be paying out the few other piddly accounts (Victoria's Secret, Revenue Canada) in August and then I will be free and clear for the next three paycheque month which is September :-) Oh, and don't forget that 2.3% raise that starts next paycheck. Hey, every little bit counts!!

Have a great weekend y'all. Enjoy the big games!
*breaths in* El Clasico *breaths out* WOW! Hala Madrid! Hopefully it'll be an epic game which we will win!!

I kinda miss Rafa-Roger finals :P so we may see one