Twitter inspired updates for the past week...

Since I haven’t posted in so long I thought I’d be inspired by the brevity of my Tweets and do a thorough update yet simplify each topic, that is, covering it in no more than a mere three sentences (or so). So here we go…

Saw Wolverine and Star Trek. Loved them both. Need to see Star Trek again and again…Angels & Demons and Night at the Museum II are also on the agenda.

Amazing Race and America’s Next Top Model finales – the wrong team/model won. BLAH

American Idol – the right boys are in the final two. Best finale in…well…quite possibly, ever. I honestly think Kris was better than Adam last night but Adam deserves to win. Big finale tonight...it should be a good one.

Big Bang Theory finale – Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj stuck in a cabin in the North Pole for three months. haha..How long will it take before Howard offers Sheldon up to the polar bears and Leonard petitions Santa to deliver an early Christmas gift to Penny? LOL

Gossip Girl finale – Blair + Chuck = awesomeness. However, Rufus’ rock star photo was the highlight moment.

90210 finale – I didn’t expect much. Had a migraine throughout so I can barely remember any of it. Adrianna + Navid = awesomeness part deux

Lost finale – hmph, they are still lost. So what else is new?

Fringe finale – Leonard Nimoy fangirl squee. Dear world: I think I may prefer living in the alternate reality version of my life. *ponders this*

Deadliest Warrior – the Maori should have won. The minute the Shaolin bowed, the Maori would have struck before the Shaolin had a chance to even get up. Love it when they kept referring to “a..mauw..ree” warrior – it pronounces like Amauri…hence my favouritism for the Kiwi.

Rogers + TSN have finally reached an agreement re: TSN2 rights. Took them long enough. Maybe now we Rogers subscribers will get more tennis broadcasts.

Am starting the fifth (and final) of the Percy Jackson novels today. I don’t want to finish this series – it’s so cute. I wish it was around when I was growing up.

Madrid Masters…the epic semi final was far better than final. No worries – Rafa will bring his A game to the French Open. I had a lot of fun watching Raul’s kids trash the stadium’s confetti and streamer set up after the final, though. LOL

Rafa…excellent and informative article on him in Bloomberg magazine re: his wealth and marketing potential. The cover is teh pretty.

Richard Gasquet – WTF? I’ll wait to hear what the formal investigation has to say.

Real at Madrid Masters…apparently you need to be on Real Madrid to get the best seats for these matches. In attendance throughout the week, and consistently seated within the first three rows included Casillas, Higuain, Gago, Robben, Sneijder, Guti, Heinze, and Juande Ramos. Sergio was suspiciously MIA.

Real Madrid vs Valencia...UGHH, no comment on the quality of Real's game. As for the rest, Valencia always look great in their short shorts but they couldn’t come close to Higuain in the black kit. *swoons*

Real Madrid vs Villareal...UGHH, no comment on the quality of Real's game.(I'm starting to see a pattern developing here...it better end next week).  As for the rest, no Gago…well, umm, enough said.

Higuain….has 20 goals this season….okay so maybe that last one shouldn’t have counted but the refs are way too harsh on him so in all fairness I think he is owed a freebie that reads so much naughtier than what I had initially intended

Iker….turns 28 today. Xoxo

Posted my favourite Real Madrid moments from the year on Dailymotion including Gago’s goal, the Ramos/Higuain bizarre goal celebration dance, the Malaga highlights (aka Higuain’s four goals), and the Getafe miracle game highlights. Kind of makes me feel better after the team’s performances of late. 

Ibra…got a haircut. It is still a disaster…hence I love it. 

Juventus...Claudio Ranieri has been sacked as Juventus coach. Awww, I blame that horrid tie. P.S. Can I have his job now?

Juventus II...the game in Turin this weekend was held behind closed doors. VERY CREEPY. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the silence (and the occasional frequent burst of Italian obscenities from the various players) though.

Quote of the Day...from future Juventus and current Real Madrid player Fabio Cannavaro re: his next coach: He was also asked about who he [Canna] would like to see as coach next season, saying, "I like [Jose] Mourinho a lot. He gets on well with the fans and is good with the players". (Note: define 'good') Damned, why does Canna have to leave?? I love this guy

Inter.. congrats on the Serie A title. BTW, if the team wears the Templar kits again I insist that Jose Mourinho be referred to by all as the Grandmaster.

And, last but not least, what exactly is EUROVISION?

So that is the long, and short, of it. Weather wise, It is supposed to hit the high 20s today and possibly the 30s tomorrow with lots of sunshine. I really hope that is true. Bring on the summer. I can't wait.
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