King Arthur - Sword in the Stone (Hope)


All things considered, I really like the drawsheet for the French Open. If, or should I say, when Rafa hits the Semis he should be facing Andy Murray and I think I prefer to see Rafa facing Andy rather than Nole. Who knows maybe Feli will finally step up and take out Murray before we even reach the QFs. *daydreams* I screwed up on my vacation schedule at work and need to change one of my vacation days so I can be off on SF Friday. Rafa turns 23 during this tourney and he is aiming for his fifth straight French Open victory. I really do hope for the best.

Soccer agenda for the weekend: it appears I have Saturday free to go to a movie since the Madrid, Inter and Juve games are all on Sunday. Since the league titles have already been decided, more or less, I imagine a lot of the regulars will be sitting out and a lot of the newbs will be given a chance to impress. It's kind of depressing to realize that this may be the final games for some of these players with their teams. In fact, I dread thinking about it. Canna is gone for sure but thankfully to Juve. All I ask is that if the players I do like do leave their respective teams, that they are picked up by decent teams that are covered regularly on GOLTV, Setanta or TLN.

Yesterday's RSS blasts for soccer were hysterical. In successive order, less than one hour apart, and all from the SAME feed,  I was told that "Inter Director Suarez: Mourinho is Tempted By Real Madrid", followed by "Inter Blast Real Madrid For Allegedly trying to Sign Jose Mourinho" and followed up with "Inter's Jose Mourinho: 99.99 Per Cent Chance I Will Not Join Real Madrid". *headdesk* Why bother? Srsly, NOTHING can or will be done until a new President is elected. P.S. Jose, a .01 percent chance is good enough for me although, all things considered, I'd rather Juande keep his job. 

I have a link to a video clip for amdisa . Here is a post in ONTD featuring a preview of the upcoming CW TV Series, Vampire Diaries. Enjoy.

I should've posted yesterday but I need to mention that I am probably one of the few people in the world that is actually happy Kris won American Idol. I really liked the guy and he needed the victory way more than Adam who will definitely be going on to bigger and better things now. Ten years down the road (or sooner) I fully expect to see him and Bo Bice in the touring version of Jesus Christ Superstar. Adam may not have the typical Judas voice but DANG he is perfect for the part with Bo, of course, as Josh. Throw in Constantine as Simon and Kris as Peter and it kind of rounds out an All-American-Idol version of Superstar. Maybe Carly as the Magdalene. I never really liked any of the girls that were on Idol so I'd have to give her the part by default.

I love the new hot pink cover I just purchased for my Blackberry. I certainly won't be losing that thing in my bag now.

Last item of the day - this license plate made me LOL. There is no way any cop would ever give this driver a ticket.:

Have a great weekend everyone!!!
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Kool clip but in the book, Elaina has really blonde hair