Oh the drama...

So many emo moments this weekend - mostly Real Madrid related but still...

Maradona's latest nepotistic Team Argentina World Cup qualifiers list was released...no good news..MEH *shrugs shoulders*  I shall continue to loathe this man. I love Team Argentina but may they fail miserably until he is removed from his coaching duties.

No Inter game coverage. WTF *shakes fist* TLN and Fox Sports World,  between the two of you someone should have covered that game.

No Amauri but Juve still won. I think they have now formally qualified for the Champions League next season so that is good news. The site of the match, the Siena stadium (or lack thereof), was just gorgeous. It was so intimate and so close to all the historic sites. That may turn out to be THE place to go to watch soccer in Italy.

The Real game was pathetic. Did anyone actually show up to play this week? Even worse was the fan support (or lack thereof). This was the last home game of the season and the stands were barely half full. Aside from the past few weeks this team played its heart out all year and deserved a better farewell from the fans than what they were treated to. One can hardly blame the team for its lacklustre performance when really, there was no one there to perform for.

Higuain...perfect as always. 21 goals and counting.  I may be the only person on the planet who thinks he looks great with that new haircut (aka 'hot mess') but hey, the man does walk on water for me these days (err, actually this infatuation has lasted what, maybe nine months or so now...*is shocked*...he is soooo not my type, I just can't figure this one out)

Gago...is still MIA. I know he is injured but I fear that he may not be back for the final game next week and who even knows about next year given the state of confusion with the team management. *is scared*

OMG....the last Cannavaro home game. *wails* I can't believe this man is truly leaving. The team and especially the defense will seem so empty without him. Poor Iker is probably having nightmares already. Some final farewell photos and a fitting tribute blurb from the Real Madrid official site...

Fabio Cannavaro was replaced by Javi Garcia on the 54-minute mark during the match against Mallorca at the Bernabeu. The Italian defender left the pitch for the last time waving at the fans with one hand, while the other covered his heart. A charismatic player both on and off the pitch, Cannavaro has played more than one hundred games with the Whites, winning two league titles (2006/07, 2007/08) and a Spanish Super Cup along the way.

Fabio Cannavaro said goodbye to the Bernabeu crowd with a bow after he left the pitch while receiving a standing ovation both from the fans and his team-mates. Visibly moved, but smiling at the same time, the defender bid the fans farewell. "It's been very moving," he said, "I have to say “Grazie Mille” to the fans again because they've always supported us."

Fabio arrived in Madrid in June 2006 fresh from winning the 2006 World Cup. His great sense of anticipation, aggressiveness, power and presence on the pitch made him one of the best centre backs in the world. Following the World Cup title came several fulfilled dreams: personal acknowledgement, well-deserved accolades and a chance to play for the Best Team of the 20th Century. "This  crest is different," he once said, "I've been lucky to play for very important clubs, but I'm sure this one is special." Cannavaro inherited Zinedine Zidane's number '5' shirt and soon won the Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player awards in 2007.

His honesty and, above all, his humble nature earned him the affection of his team-mates, of the press and of the fans. "I think I've given my all in every game," he said, "It isn't easy for a foreign defender to play in Spain and for Real Madrid. I know I've made mistakes some times, but I've also done good and that's why I think the fans are happy with the role I've had on the team." Cannavaro left the Bernabeu with a shower of affection form everyone present. Iker Casillas, one of his best friends on the team, gave him a heartfelt hug, showing the team is losing more than just a player. "Football goes on, the same as life," said the defender, "I wish to play at this stadium again."

Good luck Fabio!

Same thing happened over in Milan this weekend with Maldini. Next weekend it will be Nedved in Turin. It is just so sad to see everyone leaving. I dread thinking of the day Raul retires.

I have to end this on a somewhat positive Rafa note. Rafa in hot pink. for Roland Garros...the key word being HOT. Only Rafa can carry off that look. One round down, six to go. Vamos...

P.S. As I type this Feli has come back from two sets down to be up a break in the fifth set. I'm not holding my breath. Oh the drama....
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I'm going to miss Canna so much...I really don't think Real knows what they're loosing...his D is impeccable! (relax Sergio ilu)

At least he's going back to Italy...go Juve! (btw I need a Juve icon)
*squees over excuse to use Amauri icon*

Hey do you think if Juande does get the sack he'd consider going to Juve? They will have the BEST de around and there is now a rumour that Nedved is considering NOT retiring just yet. I think Juande would like it there and he would fit in well. Not quite as flashy as Real and a really good hardworking team (when they want to be).
I think that team would go all the way if they had Juande...I think he knows how to deal with players and players with egos so that there is harmony amoungst the team...Juve should consider getting him at all costs! Just my humble opinion!