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Rafa and those other wannabe Champions...

That's two down for Rafa. There were so many times he made me laugh during this match - specifically when he was up two sets to none and up three to zero in the third set. He seemed so frustrated and disappointed with himself if he missed a point even though he had to know he was only a few minutes away from winning. I love his desire to win every point. I guess that's what makes him Rafa.

The dreaded Champions League final is mere moments away. Do I watch it? Ya, I'll probably cave...or at least have it on in the background as I work on Visa reconciliations. Given the two teams in the finals I think I may actually prefer working on the Visa rec. Predictions - well I don't really want to make that predication because I'm pretty sure it will happen and I don't want it to. This game is pretty much a Scylla Charybdis situation for me. If I go with the lesser of the two evils, in a perfect case scenario, what I want to happen is Barca lose, err, actually, get crushed by Man U but Ronaldo has a bad game or, at the least, is not a significant factor in the Man U victory. Let someone else do the scoring...I dunno...maybe Wayne Rooney. He makes me laugh, he's a cheery bloke. Go Man U...(URGH, MAY I NEVER EVER HAVE TO REPEAT THAT STATEMENT). Next year's final will take place in the Bernabeu. Ahh, one can only dream...

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I had to chuckle when you wrote that you'd prefer working on the Visa recs rather than watch the CL final.
I have to admit that I agree with you on the outcome. I'm not a big fan of either team. In fact, I used to hate Barca so much to watch them made me want to vomit. Man Utd is not my fave EPL team either, but I always watch them and enjoy their entertaining style of play. Hahaha @ Wayne Rooney. Only because of 'Special One TV' (it used to be 'I'm On Setanta Sports') and the Wayne and Ronnie puppets do I actually now really like Wayne. That and his wife Coleen, whom I watch on 'Coleen's Real Women' on BBC Canada and love her to bits.

So I hope United can do it! Even though I truly admire Pep Guardiola for what he has achieved, and thus I wouldn't really mind if Barca won. (Well, yes I would. LOL.)
I try to avoid 'Special One TV' because of my somewhat new found attraction to Jose Mourinho. I'm afraid I'll be jaded. When is the 'Real Women' show on? I think Coleen is so pretty and genuine unlike most of the other WaGs who just seem a tad too pretentious IMO.

I'll try to forget about the Champions League final results and concentrate on the new season which will hopefully end a little more positively. I really do hate Barca but I agree that Pep did an amazing and inspirational job with them. I suppose it is better than having to deal with everyone gushing over Ronaldo. Sometimes I just want to punch that man. Although, if the endless rumours are true, and CR7 does wind up on Real Madrid next season, at least I will have fun mocking him on a regular basis.
Oh no, no, no!!! Attraction to Jose or no, you MUST watch 'Special 1 TV'! It's just too precious! And so hilariously funny! I love Wayne and his Ronnie puppet!!!

I think 'Coleen's Real Women' is on Monday nights rather late, like 10 PM or so, but I'm not entirely sure. I will check for you.

I thought the CL final was pretty good! Not as exciting as last year, but Barca played outstandingly well. I have no idea what happened to Man Utd. They looked shell-shocked. They really did NOTHING to help themselves. Oh well.

I think it will be quite funny to have CR-7 at Real Madrid, if it happens. Especially if he and Gago get to play together. I just can't imagine it, but wouldn't it be funny if they made a great combination? They are so NOT like each other!
OK, I think you have the same Rogers TV package as me, so you must get BBCC. It's on Ch. 275 for me out here in Whitby, so it may be a bit different for you there. I'm pretty sure Coleen's show is Mondays and I'll let you know when I find out for sure.
When I get some free time (probably next weekend since there won't be any matches to watch) I'm going to check out the Special 1 videos as I believe they have posted links to most of the entire season's episodes over on the ONTDF board.

I'm definitely going to check out Colleen's show as well. That will give me something to watch now that all the regular series are in reruns for the summer.

I can't say as I watch Man U on a regular basis but I have to believe that to be EPL champs they must be a better team than what I saw on Wednesday. Poor guys, they seemed somewhat in a daze (or, as you put it, "shell-shocked") after that match. Next year I'm expecting much better results. The best I could do was cheer for Arsenal in the final four and that was all for naught. Barca were lucky just make it to the final after that miracle goal in extra time against Chelsea.

Now that Real are allegedly coming to Toronto I really, really don't want to see Christiano join the team since everyone and their brother will want tickets if he is participating. I imagine all the slash fiction writers are salivating at the prospect of Ronaldo joining Real though. CR7 with the Ramos, or Gago, or anyone else on RM for that matter is almost too good to be true. Admit it, wouldn't you love to see the look on CR's face when they tell him he CANNOT take the #7? Haha
The Special 1 videos are addictive!
I love Coleen's show. It is also rather addictive.
I have too much to watch! I ordered the FNL DVDs on your opinion of the TV show (we already have the movie DVD) and have been watching those as well! (It truly is a groundbreaking series, and that Taylor Kitsch...growwwwrrrrr!
Awww...I wanted Arsenal to do better in the CL than they did! Well, maybe next year! So much young talent on that team...all they need is time together to gel!
Oh gosh, CR's face when he can't have #7???? Oh my god, that is hilarious! I'm not sure there is enough room on the Real Madrid squad for the massive egos of both Ronaldo and Raul!!!! Hahahahha!
(For me, Ronaldo is NOT a good fit for Madrid! Yet from what I am hearing, it sounds more and more likely that he will go there!)
I hope you are enjoying FNL. It is an amazing series and yes Taylor is HOT. I'm rewatching season three now.

Ronaldo *grrrrrr* He will set the bar for diva-ism on that team.
I LOVE FNL!!! Thank you so much for alerting me to it!

Ronaldo is seriously more like a caricature than a real person!!!
FNL is so good. I hope it is nominated for some Emmys this year. The whole cast is phenomenal.

That is the perfect description of Ronaldo. He is a caricature. He just is so unreal (and not in a good way).
Dang...fell asleep...missed Rafa's match...I suck but I'm sick but still I could tried to stay awake...
Nah, wasn't that exciting. It won't get exciting till the QFs. Still I love that stupid pink shirt. Why couldn't he wear that colour back when he wore cool clothes?
Yay for Rafa's win, it was annoying when they switched to Safin's match (I do like him, but I wana watch all of Rafa's match!) & I prefer Chatrier, better camera there, the angle in Lenglen is a bit annoying.

UCL Final 09?! What's that?! ahh... *head desk* I hate Barfa!!!! Why couldn't Man U win?! Why are FCB unbeatable?! This means they'll come over here in December for the Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi (my city). Next year @ the Bernabeu can the home club win it so they'll come to my city as well?! *prays*
I still can't believe they bumped Rafa to Lenglen. It just seems wrong.

Let's just pretend that UCL final never happened. I am happy for Barca fans but as a RM fan it completely sucks. The only good thing about it is that a Spanish team won (not that most of the players on that team are even Spanish).

What is the Club World Cup? Does that get held there every year?

And btw, I truly believe Real Madrid will win next year. I think it is destiny that the event is taking place in the Bernabeu.