Rory & Paris - Squee


Real Madrid set to play in Toronto...

Plans are nearing completion for one of the world’s biggest soccer clubs to visit BMO Field, as Real Madrid are set to be unveiled in the next few days as TFC’s opponents for a friendly match to be played on Friday, Aug. 7.

The nine-time European champions will be travelling to North America for a two-game series against Major League Soccer opposition, with a game in Washington against D.C. United – announced yesterday – to take place on Sunday, Aug. 9, two days after the visit to Toronto.

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I AM CURRENTLY FREAKING OUT AND WILL BE FOR THE NEXT LITTLE (69 DAYS) WHILE...I really don't know how I will be able to get my work done. And ironic but true I had booked that week off for vacation already. It's like the gods knew.

OMG...somebody catch me I am about to faint...
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I'm trying to remain very calm...OMFG I'M GOING TO GET TO SEE THE RAMOS!!!

ok think zen think calm om om om

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ERRR, that is if these players are all still on the team. You never know. OMG, Do you think Ray and Phil will be there? Can we petition to have them there??? Heck I'd pay for their tickets...can they sit with us???

No Canna unless the Juve dream holds up though...don't even get me started on Amauri.

I really don't think this city is ready for the arrival of THE RAMOS, et. al.

To make matters worse (or better)what if Rafa shows up? It is highly conceivable since the event is timed perfectly to coincide with the start of the Montreal Masters and Toronto is only a mere hop, skip and a jump away from there? *faints* All that hotness is our city at the same time is almost unbearable.

BTW, I could watch your icon all day...LOL (FYI I posted the full video clip on my dailymotion page if you ever need to see it)

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WOH!!! That's awesome!! I really hope that they come to Toronto & u get the chance to see if not meet them!!

(if only we stuck to our old summer plan to visit USA & Canada, the new plan is Switzerland :s )
OMG, you were going to come to Canada? You really should as it is a beautiful country. And definitely come in the winter so you can finally see the snow that you have yet to experience. Still, Switzerland sounds so exciting. I'm certain you'll see lots of snow on the Alps even though it will be summertime.

And it is the week after the AC Milan vs Inter Milan game in Boston that I already have tickets and a hotel room for!

Good lord, I hope we can get tickets!!! This is unreal!
When I saw the post on ONTDF I was so excited just seeing all the girls (well I'm presuming they are girls but I guess I really don't know) I know from LJ who are planning on attending. It's going to be a blast. I hope they play a lot of the regular players...err, well, the regular players who were on the team this past season. With the new management you never know who is going to be on that team anymore.

We must get tickets. We MUST be there. I am more than willing to go to ticket brokers if they sell out before I can get tickets. I'm curious to find out where their third North American preseason game will be. The second one is in DC, two days after our game but apparently they have a third game planned (still TBA).

Gosh, I still can't believe our boys are going to be in our city!! I could bump into Sergio Ramos in Yorkville or Gago on Queen West...this is unreal!
We simply MUST get tickets! I am willing to pay a scalper if I cannot get them beforehand! I am on Ticketmaster's e-mailing list for advance notice on events (I am a good customer, so I am SURE they will mail me news of when the tix are going on sale).

Hahahaha. You reminded me of my one and only Sergio Ramos dream. No, actually there were two. But in one of them, my daughter and I happened to 'bump' into Sergio at the mall, where he stopped and asked us a question about something. I said "Good lord, it's Sergio Ramos", to which my daughter replied, "Who's Sergio Ramos?" Hahahaha.
Ok I'd most certainly pay to see Gago, wonder if the admission price would include his dressing room