I dare to dream....

I just reread the article (for the like 40th time now) and realized this..." Toronto FC are said to be pursuing another opponent for a second exhibition game "

I have one word for you TFC...JUVENTUS!!!!!

*crosses fingers*
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Oh don't get my hopes up about Juventus as well it's bad enough I'm trying to stay calm about Real Madrid but to have both I think I might faint...
I know, I know...if not Juve, I'll take Inter. They are already confirmed to be Stateside for a USA mini tour. If not Juve or Inter do we really care? Hey if it is Juve or Inter do you think your dad would want to go to the game? Err, then again probably not a good idea to have your dad around me if I am anywhere near Amauri or Ibra. O_o It makes sense to have an Italian team come here but I bet it will be an EPL team instead. Maybe Arsenal. Oh frig...YES, Arsenal would be awesome. Cesc, Van Persie, Arshevin.... I'll pass on Man U though. Chelsea would be ok just to see Ballack. Please not Liverpool...you know the minute I typed that word I doomed us. It's going to be Liverpool isn't it? *hangs head* Well I suppose if they are in town at the same time as RM it would be fun to see the Ramos partying with Fernando Torres. OMG I'm so hyper. The free coffee isn't helping at all right now. Remember Sheldon on coffee...that is me right now. LOL
Oh goodness. The Real Madrid - Toronto news was exciting enough! Adding Juventus would be a dream come true!