Double Birthday Bliss...

Happy Birthday to two of my favourite people on this planet...Rafael Nadal and (Carvalho de Oliveira) Amauri. I hope you both enjoy the day and the celebrations with your respective friends and family and I wish you well in all your years to come.
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Yes, it is a rather interesting coincidence. It is often amusing when you find out certain people have the same birthday. You automatically start to determine if they have similar traits. Amauri & Rafa? I don't know? Perhaps you could say that they both have a deep love for their family and a passion for their sport. Do you share a birthday with anyone you know? I have the same birthday as Richard Gere, and the Roman Emperors Caligula and Commodus(I actually think this is cool but then again I'm a Classical Studies major, go figure).
I have the same birthday as Jimmy Connors, the ex tennis player! Isn't that funny? Hahahaha. (I used to HATE him.)
I know that JRR Tolkien died on my b'day. I should check and see who else was born and what else happened on that date. I seem to remember that Mark Antony did something on that date too. (Which is fine with me since I have the mental image of James Purefoy as M.A. - surely not a bad thing.) If I recall correctly, there was a website in which you could check what historical events, etc. occurred on the day you were born, but for the life of me I can't remember what its URL was. I must write these things down in future.
Jimmy Connors - that's pretty decent. He was an okay player as far as American players go. Andy Roddick's bday is the day before mine. I can't say as I love the guy or anything but I'm certain that we could have one heck of a mutual birthday party.

James Purefoy is yummy. He is supposed to be on a new series this fall.
'The Philanthropist' (premieres 10 p.m. June 24, NBC): James Purefoy ('Rome') stars as a billionaire playboy turned vigilante do-gooder.

James Purefoy is reason enough to watch it.