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WTF is going on in Madrid?

The season ends and what follows is a landslide. The Real Madrid 2008-9 campaign ended on Sunday with yet another loss, this time to one of my least favourite teams, Osasuna. I really wish the Pamplona boys could have been relegated but Real Madrid did me no favours with their pathetic play - two red cards. *shakes head*. OK so granted the team was missing a lot of key players, but that really isn't a formidable excuse IMO. It just seems like, with the exception of Higuain, the team gave up on the season after their loss to Barca. Fortunately Gonzalo did not disappoint, scoring his team leading 22nd goal of the season (and he looked so darned cute in those bold blue soccer booties).  But alas, tis over for another year. What a sad, sad ending to the season.

Not even a day later comes the explosion of news. My inbox hasn't stopped since the start of the month. First the election of the new President (thumbs down), then the new manager (thumbs up, for now), then the Kaka saga. First Kaka is coming, then Chelsea blocks the deal, then Chelsea denies their interest, then Milan denies the deal, then the Italian and Spanish press report the deal is a go, then comes news that the Kaka 'deal' is the "biggest ever" in history,  then Kaka reiterates his desire to say in Milan, then the Brazil nationals deny Kaka from going to Madrid for a presser on Monday to introduce him....let's see, have I forgotten anything? *rolls eyes* And all this in the course of THREE DAYS. Of course this is all pure rubbish and speculation at this point. I can't believe I will have to sit through an entire summer of this. *headdesk* Don't even mention Ronaldo. *sigh* Bring on the National teams, they should provide a pleasant respite from all this chaos.
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Sorry I can not comment on games I dont watch...but we agree they are babes to say the topic maybe shoplifting
You are so right! The National Teams' qualifiers will be a welcome respite from the transfer window circus!