Oh the horror....

Is there even a reason left to watch the French Open now that Rafa is out?

It is a shock and a tragedy. I hate the fact that he lost to that twit Soderling of all people. I suppose the loss had to happen eventually but that theory doesn't make it any less painful. I just expect want Rafa to win all the time and especially on clay. When he doesn't win, I can't help but wonder if something is wrong with him. It just seems so unnatural to see him lose. The irony is he didn't play that poorly, it's just that the Sod played phenomenally well. I doubt Soderling will be able to keep up that pace for the remainder of the tourney. My money has to be on Fed now. He must be licking his lips at the prospect of making the RG final  NOT having to face Rafa (or Nole or Andy Murray for that matter). I just can't watch it anymore. The poor audience who paid good money to attend this tourney are going to be treated to a sub par final. It just goes to show you can never take anything for granted. By all means Rafa, enjoy your birthday with your friends and family back in Mallorca as you prepare for the grass court season and the defense of your Wimbledon title.
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